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Environmental Issues in Europe

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Grade 6
Social Studies
Georgia Standards of Excellence

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Which environmental issue negatively affects Germany's timber industry?

    Nuclear Radiation

    Acid Rain


    Air Pollution

  • Q2

    Which environmental issue is caused by car exhaust and fossil-fuel burning factories? 

    Air Pollution

    Nuclear Radiation

  • Q3

    Which environmental issue is a result of a failed nuclear reactor?

    Air Pollution

    Nuclear Radiation

    Acid Rain

  • Q4

    What was taking place when the nuclear disaster took place in Chernobyl, Ukraine?

    A routine safety test

    A night observation

    An equipment upgrade

    A planned evacuation

  • Q5

    What is a possible solution to the air pollution problem in the United Kingdom?

    More factories burning fossil fuels

    More bicycles being used for transportation

    More cars being used for transportation

  • Q6

    Why are statues affected by acid rain?

    They are made of weak material. 

    They are made cheaply. 

    They remain outside and never have protection from rain. 

  • Q7

    What physical feature in Germany is negatively affected by acid rain?

    The Black Forest

    The Black Sea

    The English Channel

  • Q8

    Which political feature is blamed for the acid rain in Germany?



    The United Kingdom


  • Q9

    What is a way to reduce air pollution?

    Use energy from burning fossil fuels

    Reduce mass transit such as subways and trains

    Use solar and wind power

  • Q10

    When did the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine take place?

    April 1986

    June 2017

    May 2020


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