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EPA 608 Core

Quiz by Ryan Mcguinness

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    If a system has a leak it will?

    A.  not operate

    D.  not effect the system

    B.  have a loss of air

    C.  not hold a vacuum

  • Q2

    The ozone depletion problem is

    a.  regional

    b.  global

    c.  local

    d.  not an issue

  • Q3

    Ozone contains how many oxygen atoms?

    b.  2

    c.  1

    d.  0

    a.  3

  • Q4

    Chlorine molecules cause what?

    a.  refrigerant breakdown

    b.  oil breakdown

    d.  ozone depletion

    c. system failure

  • Q5

    CFC's have the ___________ ozone depletion potential?

    c.  lowest

    b.  highest

    a.  least

    d.  No ozone depletion potential

  • Q6

    Chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants contain ______________.

    a.  chlorine, fluorine, and carbon

    d.  chlorine, fluoride, and carbon

    b.  carbon, hydrogen, and phosphor

    c.  chlorine hydrogen, and carbon

  • Q7

    R12 is a___________

    d.  none of the above

    b.  HCFC

    a.  HFC

    c.  CFC

  • Q8

    All refrigerants must be _________

    c.  low pressure

    b.  high pressure

    d.  purged

    a.  recovered

  • Q9

    Red gauge is the ___________ of the system

    d.  high side

    a.  low side

    c.  back pressure

    b.  suction side

  • Q10

    Blue gauge is the compound gauge reading both _____________

    c.  low pressure and vacuum

    a.  high and low pressure

    d.  discharge pressure and vacuum

    b.  high pressure and vacuum

  • Q11

    There are no drop-in________________

    b.  oils

    c.  compressors

    a.  refrigerants

  • Q12

    Disposable cylinders are never to be _________________

    b. both a and c

    d. none of the above

    a. recycled as scrap metal

    c.  used to recover refrigerants

  • Q13

    Yellow tops and gray bodies are the color code for approved _______ cylinders.

    c.  R-12

    a.  500

    d.  recovery

    b.  134a

  • Q14

    A system cannot be over ___________

    a.  evacuated

    c.  heated

    b.  charged

  • Q15

    State and local laws must follow the Clean Air Act/ EPA regulation _______________

    d.  only for residential systems

    a.  only for commercial systems

    c.  but can be more strict

    b.  only if part of the mechanical code


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