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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What email address do I use to report an EPLI claim?
  • Q2
    What email address do I use to request an EPLI Certificate of Insurance?
  • Q3
    Where can I find out if my client has coverage and if so, the amount?
    NextGen CSW
    EPLI Tools, Training, and Resources - Legal Console
    ClientSpace>Client Information Tile>EPLI Tile
    ClientSpace>Human Resources Tile>EPLI Tile
  • Q4
    My client has an EPLI claim; what do I do now?
    Send an email to and open an EPLI case in ClientSpace within a week of the claim being reported by the client.
    Tell the client to send an email to
    Ignore the claim and maybe it will go away.
    Send an email to and open an EPLI case in ClientSpace the same day the claim is reported by the client.
  • Q5
    The following items should be attached to the email that is sent to the EPLI team when reporting a claim: the Notice of Claim Form, all claim documents, the Client Service Agreement, all notes related to this worksite employee or the claim, all documents from the client related to the claim, and information about any other EPLI coverage carried by the client
    True or False
  • Q6
    My client wants to use their own attorney. Can they do that?
    Yes, they can use any attorney they choose.
    Yes, the client may use their in-house counsel.
    Yes, but only if the attorney specializes in employment law.
    No, the carrier will assign an attorney.
  • Q7
    Who determines whether a claim will be covered?
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  • Q8
    Client received an invoice from the law firm defending them in an EPLI case. Who pays it?
    The client
    No one pays until the case is settled/claim is resolved.
    The IRS
  • Q9
    We are not allowed to give a copy of the EPLI policy to clients.
    True or False
  • Q10
    Where can this EPLI training deck be found?
    Question Image
    EPLI Tools, Training, and Resources on the Legal Console

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