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EPP/TLE6_Second Periodic Test

Quiz by CID Marikina

Grade 6
Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    Minerva was tasked to make a face mask by her EPP teacher. She was provided by proper steps. If you were Minerva, how will you arrange the following steps in order?

        I. Insert the yarn in the casing made onthe both sides.

        II. Sew the bottom and make a casing onboth sides before sewing.

        III. Tie the yarn to make a strap.

        IV. Pin all over the fabric to hold beforesewing

        V. Cut out the fabric and fold lengthwise

     V, III, I, IV, II

    V, IV, II, I, III

    IV, III, V, II, I

    IV, I, II, V, III

  • Q2

    Brenda would like to put up a small business. She thought of making “yema” as a start of her business. What steps will she do in order to produce delicious yema fit to be saleable?

        I. Open the condense milk pour onto thesauce pan use very low fire.

        II. Roast the peanut into the sauce panuntil it turns into brown. Grind

            the roasted nuts.

        III. Stir frequently to avoid the butter tostick on pan.

        IV. When the butter turns to sticky, turnoff the stove

    II, I, III, IV

    I, II, III, IV

    III, II, I, IV

    II, III, I, IV

  • Q3

    Pablo wants to make a simple product. What will be his first step in making simple product?

    Create a product 

    Design the product

    Advertise the product 

    Decide what kind of materials to be used

  • Q4

    Miriam’sfather is a shoe maker. Her father produced strong and beautiful pair of shoes.How will she help her father in selling the shoes effectively?

    She will roam in the community and sell the shoes

    She will make an advertisement through social media

    She will invite all her classmates and teachers totheir house

    She will ask her father to give sample of shoes to their neighbor

  • Q5

    Mrs. Perez plans to put up a small business. In order for her business to be successful she makes a research on what to sell and what are the needs of the buyers. Why is it important to identify the needs of the customers?

    To make market more profitable

    To make an advantage to other businessmen

    Know the disadvantage of other businessmen

    To make a store more attractive to customers

  • Q6

    Your father decided to put-up a sari-sari store in your barangay. Which of the following has the least demand in a sari-sari store?


    Bottled Water

    Canned Goods

    Instant Noodles

  • Q7

    Mr. Lee buys large quantity of products from manufacturers and producers. What is his line of job?





  • Q8

    Joanna decided to put-up a sari-sari store in her barangay. Which of the following should she do in order to meet the needs of her barangay?

    Sell products with low cost

    Sell good and branded products

    Sell products that are really needed by the consumers

    Sell products that are essential to the consumers with fair price

  • Q9

    What do you call a place where people buy and sell products and goods?





  • Q10

    Ben is a person who organizes and establishes a business with a unique idea or concept. What characteristics of a person does Ben have?





  • Q11

    Maria established her business in a community where people are busy. What characteristics of an entrepreneur she should be?





  • Q12

    Some of the most popular platforms for communication and sharing of information are blogs, wikis and audio-video conferencing. Which type of wiki is free, open and multilingual online encyclopedia where any user can collaboratively contribute and edit the article?





  • Q13

    Your family went for an out-of-town trip. You were really amazed on the views you have seen. You would like to write something on your experience and share it to the internet. Which website allows you to tell about your personal experiences, thoughts, feelings and ideas about the place you have been to?




    Social Media

  • Q14

    The following statements tell about wiki’s EXCEPT one.

    Copyright is unprotected

    Meet new acquaintances online

    Sites should always be moderated so it’s members are aware of their contributions are strictly filtered

    It is a website that can be edited by anyone;therefore it is fine to add whatever content users wish to contribute

  • Q15

    This is a travel guide that uses a Wikimedia’s software. It provides information about the history, people, culture, and background of different countries.






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