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8 questions
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  • Q1

    How many days does the seller have to declare a warranty exclusion?

    1 Business day

    2 Business days

    3 Business days from the reception of the device

    3 Business days from the reception of the pictures

  • Q2

    The BMW for orders made before October 6 includes: 

    Camera, Speakers and motherboard

    Dead pixels, network issues, battery issues

    Charging issues, camera, microphone 

    Crack screen, charger, screen 

  • Q3

    If the seller doesn't provide the invoice within 48 business hours after the ultimatum you have to issue the compensation as a: 

    5% promo code

    Partial Refund

    10% promo code

    Credit request

  • Q4

    If the customer says that the package was not delivered what is the first action you have to do?

    Advise customer to contact the carrier 

    Contact the seller to request extra information 

    Contact the carrier yourself

  • Q5

    If there's a visible damage in the pictures provided by the customer what should you do?

    Star the return process

    You have to warn the customer of the potential warranty exclusion

    Declare a warranty exclusion and deny the return 


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