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Esperanza real


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  • Q1
    How did Esperanza and her mother leave Mexico?
    air plane
    Secretly, hidden on a wagon
  • Q2
    Why did Hortensia talk about the bandits, Miguel and the mouse, and going on a train ride?
    They were happy
    It was cool
    To keep Esperanza’s mind off the tight quarters in the wagon
    They were bored
  • Q3
    How did Esperanza respond when she saw the train car they were riding in?
    didn’t want to ride in it
    She was happy
    She jumped in exictment
  • Q4
    Why did Esperanza’s mother get after her when she wouldn’t let the little girl hold her doll?
    Esperanza was acting selfish and better than the other people on the train
    Her mother is mean.
    Her mom is happy.
  • Q5
    What did Carmen mean when she said, “I am poor, but I am rich?”
    Shes not that wealthy
    She has to pay taxes.
    she has no money, but is rich with family and other things that are important to her
    She is rich in fruit.

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