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Ethics and Cash Handling - Cash Handling rules

Quiz by Amanda Burgess

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What is a client ledger?

    A record of transactions kept for each individual client

    The record of all transactions entering the solicitors firm

    A bank account in which all client funds are kept

    A spreadsheet which details all client bank account details

  • Q2

    If a client pays a sum of money to a solicitor, which account is it paid into?

    Office account

    Client account

  • Q3

    A Cash Account is the record kept from the perspective of the 

    Firm (solicitors)


  • Q4

    Financial records are updated


    to record each transaction



  • Q5

    When would a transaction be paid OUT of the office account?

    If there are insufficient funds in the client account

    When interest has accrued to sufficiently fund a client transaction

    If the transaction takes place on the last banking day of the month

  • Q6

    If Lisa pays £300 to her solicitor for advertising costs associated with the sale of her property, where is this recorded on her ledger?

    office account credit

    Client account, credit

    client account debit

    office account debit

  • Q7

    When would a figure be required in the 'balance column' of a client ledger?

    This would be completed on a weekly basis

    This is to be completed with every transaction

    This would only be completed when the account has been credited with funds

    This would only be completed when an account has paid out a sum of money

  • Q8

    In a Cash Account the 'office account' is shown on the 

    left side of the page

    right side of the page

  • Q9

    A transaction recorded as a credit in the Cash Account will also be recorded as a credit in the client ledger



  • Q10

    A Cash Account contains both office account and client account




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