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ETLV- Positions in a company

Quiz by Karine Cremmer

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  • Q1

    All the persons in charge of assisting the others.

    Assistant Managers Officers and staff

  • Q2

    a person whose job is to manage the processes and costs of making goods.

    Production Manager

  • Q3

    the person in charge of branding, product promotion, new product development, market study, customer relationship etc.

    Marketing Manager

  • Q4

    the person who organizes and manages an organization's or an individual's financial portfolio; prepares financial reports, oversees investments and helps with cash management. 

    Financial Manager

  • Q5

    This manager is in charge of the employment, training, support, records of the employees.

    HR Manager

  • Q6

    the highest-ranking person in a company, responsible for taking managerial decisions.

    CEO or General Manager

  • Q7

    He heads up the board of directors for a company.

    Managing Director / Chairman

    Managing Director / Chairman

  • Q8

    It is a group of individuals elected to represent shareholders.

    Board of Directors

  • Q9

    a high level independent corporate executive with overall responsibility for internal audit.

    Chief Auditor

  • Q10

    an official on the board of a company who deals with financial and legal issues.

    Company Secretary

  • Q11

    A group of individuals or an institution that owns one or more shares of stock in a public or private corporation

    Body of Shareholders


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