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Quiz by Kat Nepp

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  • Q1
    What was the Holocaust?
    the killing of 6 million Jews and others during WWII
    the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan
    the fall of the Berlin Wall
    a battle between Russians and Germans
  • Q2
    Which currency is used in Europe in the Eurozone?
  • Q3
    Why did many people in Eastern European want to rebel against Soviet control?
    They lacked citizenship .
    They were communist.
    They didn't have a lot of freedom and life was hard because of a failing economy and government control.
    They wanted to belong to the European Union.
  • Q4
    What happened during the Industrial Revolution?
    Serfs were made to work the land
    Workers produced goods by machine in factories.
    Poor people overthrew the rich and took over government.
    Many new canals were built
  • Q5
    What was Martin Luther trying to reform?
    art and music
    the Roman Catholic Church
    Islam docterine
  • Q6
    What was the Renaissance?
    a rebirth of arts, philosophy, culture
    war between Eastern and Western Europe
    the name giving to the age of exploration
    the reason the Crusades were fought
  • Q7
    Which choice below was one result of the treaty of Versailles?
    Great Britain was made to pay reparations.
    Germany declared victory and gained wealth
    Several new countries were formed.
    Russia became part of the Soviet Union.
  • Q8
    How did the invention of the printing press change Europe?
    It led to overpopulation and overcrowding
    Factory workers had to work longer hours.
    Books became more readily available and less expensive
    English became the language of Europe
  • Q9
    Which choice below was one result of the treaty of Versailles?
    Germany had to take full blame for the war and pay reparations
    The Soviet Union declared defeat.
    Great Britain and Germany began a new alliance
    Russia became part of the Soviet Union.
  • Q10
    What happens when a US citizen traveling to a country in the Eurozone wants to buy something?
    cannot make purchase because of currency difference
    must pay a high tariff on the purchase
    can use their US currency to make the purchase
    must convert their US dollars to euros
  • Q11
    What was the Iron Curtain?
    an imaginary border that divided Europe during the Cold War
    a wall in Berlin that was knocked down in 1991
    a metal barrier used to defend trenches in World War I
    A treaty that united the Axis Powers during WWII
  • Q12
    Which European organization is considered the largest economy in the world?
    European Economic Community
    European Union
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Q13
    What was one result of the Industrial Revolution?
    Droughts dried up good farmland.
    Cities grew so quickly because people moved to cities for factory jobs.
    Shipping businesses were failing.
    Artists could make more money in the cities.
  • Q14
    What industry in Great Britain started the Industrial Revolution?
    iron working
    coal mining
  • Q15
    What was one of the main purposes of European exploration?
    to fight wars with other countries
    to trade and establish new colonies
    to start cities in warmer climates
    to gain knowledge from other lands

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