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Europe Geography Review

Quiz by Eran Bowers

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    Which country would most likely have the highest population density?
    Country with large, flat, grassy plains.
    Country with a lot of mountains.
    Country that is mostly desert.
    Country with very few natural resources.
  • Q2
    The best explanation for why so few people live in Siberia, the Asian part of Russia, is:
    There are many jobs.
    There are too many resources.
    The land is too flat.
    The climate is too extreme.
  • Q3
    Which country has a long, sea trading history because of its location in the Mediterranean Sea?
    United Kingdom
  • Q4
    There is a diversity of languages in Europe. What does that mean?
    People in Europe don’t communicate that often with others
    People in Europe speak French as their main 2nd language.
    There are many different languages spoken in Europe.
    There is one main language spoken in Europe.
  • Q5
    Which country has very good farming because of its location on the European Plain?
    United Kingdom

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