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Evaluating Claims, Evidence, Counterclaims, Analysis II

Quiz by Abigail Padilla

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27 questions
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  • Q1

     Which is a thesis statement?

    How do students benefit from attending schools that give them specific guidelines about how they can dress?

    School dress codes result in reduced social conflict, a more serious learning environment, and less peer pressure. 

    School dress codes result in advantageous effects.

    Why am I in need of writing about school dress codes when I myself don't even abide by the dress code at my own school?

  • Q2

    Which is a thesis statement? 

    The Peace Corps is a U.S. government-run program through which American citizens volunteer to work abroad for two years, following several months of training.

    I love the Peace Corp!

    The Peace Corp's shortened waiting time, decreased application length, and choice of service country make it an opportunity more Americans should explore. 

    The Peace Corp was established to promote world peace and friendship within the international community.

  • Q3

    Which is a thesis statement? 

    Why is it that college students perform better when they have taken time off between high school graduation and higher education. 

    In my essay, I will explore several topics within the realm of high school graduates and extended time between graduation and college. 

    The following paper discusses how taking a year off after high school affects students who plan on attending college or technical school.

    Taking a year off before college makes high school graduates better students because they are more mature, experienced, and focused on their studies.

  • Q4

    Which is a thesis statement? 

    A thesis statement contains an opinion to a topic and three reasons why.

    Movie remakes are an option several critics prefer is limited or not allowed at all because, according to critics, most remakes butcher the classic or original movies. For example, Shrek sequels did not match their original and led to less audience satisfaction.

    Movie remakes are bad for the film industry because film studios do not encourage creativity, support new writers, or take risks on material that reflects diversity.

    Why are American film studios relying so heavily on stories that have already been told, often offering sequel after sequel, but rarely investing in new projects. 

  • Q5

    Which is a thesis statement? 

    People should eat more vegetables because they lower the risk of heart disease, increase life expectancy, and help to build healthy bones. 

    In this essay, nutritional significance will be explored to provide readers with the informational context in support of their independent choice related to proper food consumption. 

    How should we incorporate factors such as nutrition and exercise when considering ways to improve our overall health?

    Why is nutrition so important when other countries lack the resources and accessibility to nutritional foods for consumption and thrive?

  • Q6

    Select the WORST thesis statement.

    I am going to discuss social studies class and whether the title should be changed to civics.

    Social studies class should be changed to civics in title because the title is out-of-date, not inclusive, and needs a  refreshing new name.

    Why should social studies class be called civics? Because I need to finish this essay.

  • Q7

    A counterclaim is...

    An argument against YOUR claim.

    Your claim against someone or something else.

  • Q8

    Adding a counterclaim to YOUR essay/claim...

    helps you weaken your own argument.

    makes you appear more fair and balanced as a writer.

  • Q9

     Consider this claim: 

     Raising chickens at home is not a good idea.

     Now consider how someone might argue against this. Which sentence presents a counterclaim to the above claim?

    Chickens can reproduce a considerable amount of eggs and act as a large responsibility and undertaking for owners.

    Chickens can be a nuisance because they are loud and smelly.

    When you have your own eggs, you have access to fresh eggs for free.

    Chicken's stink.

  • Q10

     Read the claim below.

     Clothing stores should represent more body types in their retail websites.

     Select the piece of evidence that best supports this claim.

    Clothing stores need to provide customers more realistic approaches when shopping.

    Clothing stores should also provide snacks and food to customers as they shop to enhance their customers' shopping experience.

    Advertisers and clothing retailers often doctor photos to make models appear thinner than they are.

    Viewing clothing on a variety of models can make it easier for customers to determine what will fit them.

  • Q11

     Read the claim below.

     The world would be better off without cockroaches.

     Now consider how someone might argue against this. Which sentence presents a counterclaim to the above claim?

    Cockroaches are an important part of forest ecosystems since they regulate nitrogen, allowing plants to grow.

    Cockroaches carry disease and can trigger allergies or asthma attacks.

    Cockroaches can live up to a week without its head.

    Cockroaches are small and silent enough to crawl into our ears at night, making for an uncomfortably sleepless night.

  • Q12

    Consider this claim:

    Green is the best color to paint your bedroom walls.

    Now consider how someone might argue against this. Which sentence presents a counterclaim to the above claim?

    Blue bedroom walls are thought to promote the most restful sleep.

    Green is the color of four leaf clovers and represent luck.

    Most Pop Stars paint their bedrooms green and love their choice.

    The color green is often associated with nature and a sense of calm.

  • Q13

     Read the claim below.

     Shopping malls will soon be a thing of the past.

     Now consider how someone might argue against this. Which sentence presents a counterclaim to the above claim?

    Shopping can now enjoy free and fast shipping from many online stores.

    Replacing shopping malls with newly constructed low income homes can help eradicate homelessness.

    Many people still prefer to try on clothing in the store before purchasing it.

    Many people have testified that shopping malls are inconvenient.

  • Q14

     Read the claim below.

     Swallowing watermelon seeds is bad for you.

    Now consider how someone might argue against this. Which sentence presents a counterclaim to the above claim?

    Water Bears might be the strongest thing on Earth.

    Watermelon seeds contain high levels of sugar.

    Watermelon seeds contain lots of healthy protein.

    Watermelon seeds are sometimes used for spitting contests.

  • Q15

    Read the claim below.

     The world's most dangerous creatures live in the ocean.

    Now consider how someone might argue against this. Which sentence presents a counterclaim to the above claim?

    The three deadliest animals to humans-mosquitoes, snakes, and dogs-all live on land.

    The box jellyfish's venom is so strong that it can cause the human heart to stop beating.

    People can die from a shark bite.

    Shark attacks occur several times a year.


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