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Quiz by Emerie Kris Ordinario

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  • Q1

    1. Which of the following sentences is correct?

    D. The dogs chases its tail.

    B. The dog chases its tail.

    C. The dog chase their tail.

    A. The dog chase its tail.

  • Q2

    2. Select the correct sentence.

    C. The book on the shelf are dusty.

    D. The books on the shelves is dusty.

    A. The books on the shelf is dusty.

    B. The books on the shelf are dusty.

  • Q3

    3. Choose the correct verb for the sentence: "Each of the students _____ a book."

    D. is

    B. has

    A. have

    C. are

  • Q4

    4. Which sentence is correct?

    C. The teams of manager is in a meeting.

    A. The team of managers are in a meeting.

    B. The team of managers is in a meeting.

    D. The team of manager are in a meeting.

  • Q5

    5. Select the correct version: "Neither of the dogs _____ barking."

    B. Are

    A. Is

    D. Have

    C. Has

  • Q6

    6. Which is the correct sentence?

    C. A boxes of chocolate was on the table.

    B. A box of chocolates was on the table.

    A. A box of chocolates were on the table.

    D. A box of chocolate were on the table.

  • Q7

    7. Choose the correct verb for the sentence: "The committee _____ decided on the issue."

    D. Is

    C. Are

    B. Has

    A. Have

  • Q8

    8. Which sentence is correct?

    B. The crowd is getting restless.

    C. The crowds is getting restless.

    A. The crowd are getting restless.

    D. The crowd are getting restlessly.

  • Q9

    9. Select the correct version: "A number of students _____ absent today."

    D. Have

    C. Has

    B. Are

    A. Is

  • Q10

    10. Which is the correct sentence?

    A. The pair of shoes are in the closet.

    D. The pair of shoe are in the closet.

    B. The pair of shoes is in the closet.

    C. The pairs of shoe is in the closet.


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