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Evolution Quiz

Quiz by Clifford Traylor

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  • Q1

    Natural selection acts on the phenotype rather than genotype.

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    True or False
  • Q2

    In Charles Darwin’s time, many people thought that Earth and its living things were formed about a few thousand years ago.

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    True or False
  • Q3

    On the Galápagos Islands, Charles Darwin observed

    Question Image

    somewhat similar species, with traits that suited their particular environments.

    completely unrelated species on each of the islands.

    species completely unrelated to those found in South America

    species identical to those found in England

  • Q4

    The two main sources of genetic variation are

    Question Image

    directional selection and disruptive selection

    single-gene traits

    gene shuffling and mutations

    genotype and phenotype

  • Q5

    The species of finches that Charles Darwin found on the Galápagos Islands displayed different structural adaptations. One of the adaptations that Darwin noted was the

    Question Image

    birds’ different-shaped beaks.

    number of eggs in each bird’s nest

    similarities of the birds’ embryos

    somewhat similar species, with traits that suited their particular environments.

  • Q6

    An adaptation is an inherited characteristic that can be

    Question Image

    physical or behavioral

    the result of artificial selection

    physical or geographical

    acquired during the organism’s lifetime

  • Q7

    Which statement about the members of a population that live long enough to reproduce is consistent with the theory of natural selection?

    Question Image

    They will perpetuate unfavorable changes in the species

    They are the ones that are best adapted to survive in their environment.

    They tend to produce fewer offspring than others in the population

    They transmit characteristics acquired by use and disuse to their offspring

  • Q8

    Darwin’s concept of evolution was NOT influenced by

    Question Image

    his collection of specimens.

    knowledge about the structure of DNA

    his trip on the H.M.S. Beagle

    the work of Charles Lyell.

  • Q9

    Which of the following statements describe what all members of a population share?

    Question Image

    They are members of the same species.

    They are geographically isolated from each other

    They have identical genes.

    They are temporally isolated from each other.

  • Q10

    The phenotypes for a typical polygenic trait can often be expressed as

    Question Image

    allele frequencies

    Mendelian ratios

    a bar graph

    a bell-shaped curve

  • Q11

    A change in a sequence of DNA is called a

    Question Image



    single gene trait

    polygenic trait

  • Q12

    If a table shows the percentages of adenine at 22 percent and guanine at 28 percent  in a DNA sample. How much Thymine should you expect to find in the sample?

    Question Image

    28 percent

    22 percent

    44 percent

    100 percent

  • Q13

    According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, the individuals that tend to survive are those that have

    Question Image

    the fastest offspring

    the greatest number of offspring.

    the ability to eat some plants

    variations best suited to the environment.

  • Q14

    On the Galapagos Islands, Darwin also saw several different types of finch, a different species on each island. He noticed that each finch species had a different type of beak, depending on the food available on its island. The finches that ate large nuts had 

    Question Image

    lived on islands that had no vegetation

    very thin long tongues

    larger thicker beaks

    long think beaks

  • Q15

    The diagram illustrates an embryonic stage of four organisms. Which of the following can be determined by observing the embryos in the diagrams?

    Question Image

    the organisms are native to the same geographic area

    the organisms belong to the same species, 

    The organisms share a common ancestor

    The organism will all have tails later in life


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