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Evolution test review

Quiz by Leslie Mosley

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31 questions
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  • Q1

    Most of the parrots on the mainland have blue feathers and a population of the same parrots on a nearby island with the same environmental conditions have mostly yellow feathers. This island population originally came from the mainland population. 

    How could a geneticist best explain the prevalence of yellow feathers in the island population?

    Natural selection has occurred only in the birds that remained on the mainland.

    Random mutations have occurred in the bird population on the island.

    Genetic drift has resulted in fewer blue-feathered birds on the island.

    Natural selection on the island is less favorable for blue birds.

  • Q2

    A great horned owl has cataracts. Cataracts cloud the natural lens and inhibit the eye’s ability to focus and form clear images. Owls are hunt at night and depend on their acute vision for survival. Which of the following evolutionary processes would most likely impact any offspring which inherits the allele for cataracts?

    genetic drift

    natural selection


    Owls are hunt at night and depend on their acute vision for survival.

  • Q3

    A young adult male monkey leaves his troupe and joins a new troupe, he then mates with the females in the new troupe.  What is this an example of?

    natural selection


    bottle neck event

    gene flow

  • Q4

    Which of the following is true about this cladogram?

    Question Image

    Species A and B share a common ancestor but species B and C do not.

    Species B and C have more traits in common than species A and B.

    Species A and B are more closely related than species B and C.

    Species B and C are more closely related than species A and C.

  • Q5

    Using this information, select the two organisms that are the most related.

    Question Image

    chimpanzees and gorillas

    chimpanzees and bonobos

    bonobos and gorillas

  • Q6

    Which graph shows how the frequency of an allele in a small population might change after a wildfire?

    Question Image

    graph 2

    graph 1

    graph 3

  • Q7

    Which statement explains what most likely happens to the genetic diversity of a population after a wildfire  over time?

    Genetic diversity decreases. Some alleles may disappear from the population due to chance.

    Genetic diversity increases. The simulations fluctuate widely between 0.00 and 1.00.

    Genetic diversity increases. Mutations from the wildfire result in genetic drift.

    Genetic diversity remains in a narrow band after the wildfire. The diversity neither increases nor decreases.

  • Q8

    which conclusion is supported by the cladogram?

    Question Image





  • Q9

    Which cladogram shows that hippopotamuses are the closest living relative to dolphins? 

    Question Image





  • Q10

    Which groupings of organisms includes an ancestor and all of its descendent?

    Question Image

    N O P 

    M N O

    O P R

    P R S 

  • Q11

    1. Select all of the following that are common ancestors of both amphibians and birds.

    Question Image

    B and C

    A B and C

    C and E

    B C and E

  • Q12

     Which group of organisms diverged (became a new species) first?

    Question Image





  • Q13

    Which of the following is essential for evolution to occur?

    competition for resources

    genetic variation in a species

    random mating

  • Q14

    Which of the following is/are a source of variation in a species?


    both mutations and sexual reproduction

    sexual reproduction

  • Q15

    One of the causes of evolution is that some organisms with certain traits survive and reproduce better than others.  This is called

    natural selection

    genetic drift

    founders effect


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