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Quiz by Douglas Strand

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    The Storm was very strong.
    The raindrops fell one after another
  • Q2
    James and Anna did many things at the carnival.
    They saw shows.
  • Q3
    Jake has his birthday party today.
    Jake and his pals wear party hats.
  • Q4
    Kittens need special care.
    Kittens chew things often and need to be watched closely.
  • Q5
    Many treats can be made from apples.
    You might enjoy using apples to make a homemade pie.
  • Q6
    Chameleons change colors for different reasons.
    Sometimes chameleons change color based on the mood they are in.
  • Q7
    Dolphins are very interesting marine animals.
    All dolphins have hair at some time in their life.
  • Q8
    Christina was the library helper for her second grade class.
    Christina had to report any missing books to her teacher.
  • Q9
    Polar bears have adaptations that help them survive in water and on land.
    Polar bears have a thick layer of fat called blubber.
  • Q10
    The sun is a very important star in our solar system.
    The sun makes all life on Earth possible.
  • Q11
    Getting ready for winter.
    Other animals migrate to a warmer climate.
  • Q12
    Henry has self-control.
    Henry did not blurt out answers.

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