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Exam 6 - Civil Rights & Liberties

Quiz by Will Pope

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Civil liberties mainly serve to __________.
    protect people from abuse of power by the government
    protect government from abuse of power by the people
    protect people from abuse of power from bureaucracies
    ensure that all people get treated equally by the government
  • Q2
    Which of the following BEST shapes the nature of the civil liberties and rights we possess?
    judicial rulings
    presidential signing statements
    law review articles
    presidential interpretations
  • Q3
    Which amendment to the Constitution allows for portions of the Bill of Rights to be applied or incorporated to apply to the state governments?
    Eighth (8th) Amendment
    Fourteenth (14th) Amendment
    Tenth (10th) Amendment
    First (1st) Amendment
  • Q4
    The First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause means that __________.
    every belief is welcome, and every religious practice is to be respected by all.
    students may not be forced to complete physical workouts in public schools.
    they cannot practice beliefs that are harmful to the public welfare.
    people can believe and practice any beliefs without any restriction.
  • Q5
    Prior Restraint is __________.
    censorship by government actors
    the ability of a judge to withhold bail
    Attempts by the president to limit actions of Congress
    attempts by Congress to limit the actions of the president
  • Q6
    Tinker v. Des Moines School District established a constitutional protection for
    silent prayer in public school
    censorship of high-school newspapers
    symbolic speech in schools
    symbolic speech in all public places
  • Q7
    McDonald v. Chicago dealt with issues within the ____ Amendment.
  • Q8
    The Clear and Present Danger rule is in __________.
    Schenck v. US
    McDonald v. Chicago
    Engel v. Vitale
    NY Times v. US
  • Q9
    Within the 4th Amendment, courts have said that if a search warrant is not present ________.
    then the search is automatically unreasonable
    then the only ability to search is with consent
    then the search is unreasonable unless one of the few narrow exceptions is present to allow a warrantless entry
    then the only ability to search is with potential items in plain view
  • Q10
    In Wisconsin v. Yoder, SCOTUS held this violated _____________ liberties.
    1st Amendment freedom of religious exercise
    1st Amendment freedom of speech
    religious establishment
    2nd Amendment
  • Q11
    The Right to Privacy is __________.
    referenced in the Preamble to the Constitution
    not explicitly referenced in the Constitution
    referenced in Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution
    referenced in the 21st Amendment
  • Q12
    The case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey said that states __________.
    cannot place an undue burden on a woman seeking an abortion
    can outlaw abortion
    cannot prevent abortions that use tax-supported facilities
    cannot require a 24 hour waiting period for an abortion
  • Q13
    Law enforcement officers must inform suspects that they have the right to remain silent because of __________.
    Engel v. Vitale
    Miranda v. Arizona
    Wisconsin v. Yoder
    Gideon v. Wainwright
  • Q14
    The practice of disallowing the admission in court of illegally obtained evidence is known as __________.
    the exclusionary rule
    freedom from self-incrimination
    probable cause
    the Miranda rule
  • Q15
    Which of the following SHOULD BE allowed to receive capital punishment for their crime?
    a man who at age 17 set off a bomb killing and hurting runners and spectators at a marathon.
    a man who was found competent when he committed a theft at age 27.
    a man who was 20 at the time he committed murder of his boyfriend
    a competent woman who at 27 committed voluntary manslaughter and says that capital punishment is unconstitutional

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