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Executive Branch Reveiw


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  • Q1
    Who is the leader of the executive branch?
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    Vice President
    The President
  • Q2
    What is the main job of the president ?
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    To execute laws
    To interpret laws
    To amend laws
  • Q3
    The president can declare war without approval. True or False?
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  • Q4
    How do you become a member of the Cabinet?
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    You must be voted for
    The Senate Appoints you, and the President confirms you
    The President appoints you, and the Senate confirms you
  • Q5
    What article makes up the Executive Branch?
    Question Image
    The 3rd article
    The 5th article
    The 2nd article
    The 1st article
  • Q6
    What positions are in the Executive Branch?
    The Vice President, the Cabinet, the Senate, and the Federal Bureaucracy.
    The President, Vice President, House of Representatives, and Federal Bureaucracy.
    The President, Vice President, Standing Committee, and Federal Bureaucracy.
    The President, Vice President, the Cabinet and the Federal Bureaucracy.
  • Q7
    The President can....
    Question Image
    Approve treaties with foreign countries
    Make treaties with foreign countries
    Interpret treaties
  • Q8
    What is the President's role in the lawmaking process?
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    He/She can create a bill
    He/She can interpret a bill
    He/She can sign or veto a bill
    He/She can destroy a bill
  • Q9
    What is the primary responsibility of the Vice President?
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    To always be ready if the President is unable to perform his/her duties
    Appoint secretaries
    Break ties
    Give advice to the President
  • Q10
    Which of these is FALSE about the President?
    Question Image
    He's chief diplomat.
    He's the Head of State.
    He's an economic leader.
    He's a judicial
  • Q11
    Who can give pardons?
    Question Image
    The President
    The Senate
    The Federal Bureaucracy
    The cabinet
  • Q12
    What is a pardon?
    Question Image
    The power to sign a bill
    The power to command the country's armed forces
    Legally excusing somebody convicted of a crime
    Saying "excuse me"
  • Q13
    How many departments are there in the Federal Bureaucracy?
    Question Image
    17 departments
    27 departments
    34 departments
    15 departments
  • Q14
    What is executive order?
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    Order in which the president monitors and gives to the branch by force of law.
    Order in which the president enforces laws and takes them to the Senate to do so.
    Order in which the president veto's bills into laws.

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