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Exit Quiz 1: Shemot Perek 4 Quiz 1

Quiz by Ira Wallach

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  • Q1

    What happened, at the end of Perek ד, when Moshe and his family rested?

    Midyanim harassed his family

    Hashem sought to kill someone in Moshe's family.

    They all experienced Nevua like and the burning bush

    They were caught by Mitzriyim

  • Q2

    What did Tziporra do that seemed to stop what was happening?

    Davened to Hashem

    Said Birkat HaMazon

    Gave her son a Brit Milah

    Did Pidyon Haben

  • Q3

    According to Rashi, who was being attacked at the end of the 4th Perek?





  • Q4

    According to Rashi, why was a member of Moshe's family attacked?

    He did not marry a Jewish woman

    He delayed performing Brit Milah

    He spoke Lashon HaRah about Bnei Yisrael

    He lied to his wife


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