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Explanations of Obedience - Social Psychological & Situational Variables

Quiz by Amie Harris

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Milgram's original research supports the following
    Solely the Legitimacy of Authority
    Solely The Agentic State
    Dispositional Explanations
    Social Psychological Explanations of Obedience
  • Q2
    Legitimacy of Authority is based on the acceptance that some people have the power to punish others and the social norm to trust those higher in the social hierarchy
    Not sure
  • Q3
    Legitimacy of Authority is based on the following concept...
    we are all raised to show respect and obey certain figures in society
    moral strain is reduced when you are in the same room as the victim
    certain figures in society are not meant to respected and listened to
  • Q4
    "Believing you are free to behave according to your own principles and having your own sense of responsbility" is....
    Binding Factors
    The Autonomous State
    Moral Strain
    The Agentic Shift
  • Q5
    "Switching from the agentic state to the autonomous state, and back again" is defining....
    Binding Factors
    The Agentic Shift
    Moral Strain
    The Autonomous State
  • Q6
    "Aspects of the situation which allow the person to ignore or minimise the damaging effect of their behaviours" are....
    Binding Factors
    The Autonomous State
    The Agentic Shift
    Moral Strain
  • Q7
    "Having two contradictory urges: to obey the authority figure and to obey our own conscience" creates a...
    Binding Factors
    The Autonomous State
    The Agentic Shift
    Moral Strain
  • Q8
    Why did Milgram conduct his research/ create theories on obedience?
    Wanted to justify the work of the police
    Wanted to make a name for himself
    To understand the Nazi's obedience
    Fascinated by the orders given by the army to kill others
  • Q9
    What aspect of Milgram's variations DOES support the idea that being in the agentic state increases obedience?
    Experimenter giving orders over the phone
    Teacher forces learner's hand onto electric plate
    change of location
  • Q10
    Which of Milgram's Variations DOES NOT help to support Legitimacy of Authority?
    Change to member of the public
    Teacher and learner in the same room
    Change of location
    Order given over the phone
  • Q11
    Which of the following is not an example of someone who we view as having authority over us?
  • Q12
    What is it about the following that means they have Legitimate Authority? Police/ Teachers/ Parents
    They wear a uniform which symbolises their role in society
    They use weapons and can restrain us
    Agreed by society to ensure order and that society runs smoothly
  • Q13
    What is a TRUE weakness of social psychological explanations of obedience?
    Supported by Milgram's research
    Doesn't explain behaviour in the real world
    Lacks temporal validity
    Doesn't account for why some people don't obey in these situations
  • Q14
    Which piece of research supports the theory that situational variables effect obedience and therefore help to validate the theory a real life setting
  • Q15
    Which researchers questioned the internal validity of Milgram's research suggesting that it was not a credible situation?
    Jeremy & Lewis
    Samson & Linz
    Jin & Pollard
    Orne & Holland

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