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Explanations of Obedience - Social Psychological & Situational Variables

Quiz by Amie Harris

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Milgram's original research supports the following
    Solely the Legitimacy of Authority
    Solely The Agentic State
    Dispositional Explanations
    Social Psychological Explanations of Obedience
  • Q2
    Legitimacy of Authority is based on the acceptance that some people have the power to punish others and the social norm to trust those higher in the social hierarchy
    Not sure
  • Q3
    Legitimacy of Authority is based on the following concept...
    we are all raised to show respect and obey certain figures in society
    moral strain is reduced when you are in the same room as the victim
    certain figures in society are not meant to respected and listened to
  • Q4
    "Believing you are free to behave according to your own principles and having your own sense of responsbility" is....
    Binding Factors
    The Autonomous State
    Moral Strain
    The Agentic Shift
  • Q5
    "Switching from the agentic state to the autonomous state, and back again" is defining....
    Binding Factors
    The Agentic Shift
    Moral Strain
    The Autonomous State

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