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Explicit Evidence

Quiz by Jessica Goldberg

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Sam and his cousin walked to the store. Sam bought a bag of chips while his cousin bought a bottle of water. If I asked the question, "What did Sam buy?" Would that question be implicit or explicit?
  • Q2
    2. Tyler overslept and missed his bus. He looked at his alarm clock and it read 8:45 A.M. He was more than 30 minutes late for school. He casually walked to the kitchen and poured himself some cereal. What can be inferred about Tyler?
    He is in a huge rush to make it to school.
    He doesn't care that he's late.
    He is nervous about being late.
    He is hungry.
  • Q3
    When something is implied (not clearly stated) in a piece of writing, it is often referred to as what sort of information?
  • Q4
    When something is implicit then the reader can go back and find the information directly in the story.

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