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  • Q1
    Which pair of actions best completes this graphic?
    Question Image
    8.2.A: Social Studies - History
  • Q2
    Which reason best completes this list?
    Question Image
  • Q3
    Which motive best completes the diagram?
    Question Image
  • Q4
    Which of the following was a primary reason France sought to colonize North America?
    To reduce overpopulation in Europe
    To create communities founded on religious tolerance
    To create joint ventures with other European powers
    To profit from trading furs and other goods
  • Q5
    The Virginia Company authorized a general assembly in Virginia so that colonists could --
    participate in a free-market economy
    express dissatisfaction with British rule
    vote in the British Parliament
    self-govern on a local level
    8.3.A: Social Studies - History
  • Q6
    Which factor most contributed to the creation of the documents in this list?
    Question Image
    The opportunity for trade with American Indians
    The distance of the colonies from Great Britain
    The doctrine of the Church of England
    The economic system of mercantilism
  • Q7
    Which statement explains the significance of this colonial institution?
    Question Image
    The assembly served as a model for other colonial legislatures.
    The assembly sent delegates to Parliament to represent Virginia.
    The king revoked Virginia's charter because the assembly became too powerful.
    Colonists used the assembly to overrule decision of the royal governor.
  • Q8
    The factors listed above contributed most to the --
    Question Image
    election of British colonists to Parliament
    creation of alliances between British settlers and American Indians
    expansion of British trade in the Anericas
    growth of representative government in the British colonies
  • Q9
    From 1690 to 1760, Parliament and the king of England allowed colonists in America to exercise a great deal of control over local and regional matters. Historians have described this practice as "salutary neglect." Which of the following happened as a direct result of this policy?
    The colonies developed a strong tradition of self-government.
    Many proprietary colonies were converted to royal colonies.
    The colonies refused to participate in a system of common defense.
    Many colonies sought economic aid from other countries.
  • Q10
    Which of the following best replaces the question mark in the diagram above?
    Question Image
    Appointed governors who reported to the king
    Experienced strict control by Parliament
    Established their own representative institutions
    Created a general council to manage the colonies
  • Q11
    Boston and New Orleans were both founded as --
    industrial centers
    military outposts
    port cities
    farming communities
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q12
    How did geography influence the early economic development of New York, Boston, and Charleston?
    Proximity to flooding rivers limited development
    Long coastlines offered abundant natural resources
    Extreme climates limited productive activity
    Natural harbors provided access to markets
  • Q13
    Which physical characteristics made these economics activities possible?
    Question Image
    Dense forests, natural harbors, and swift rivers
    Tall mountains, a long shoreline, and fertile soil
    A temperate climate, vast grasslands, and plentiful lakes
    Natural harbors, an arid climate, and rocky soil
    8.11.A: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q14
    Which characteristic is correctly matched with a number in the table?
    Question Image
    1: Indigo
    2: Moderate
    3: Rocky soil
    4: Ships
  • Q15
    Which of the following contributed most to the expansion of the transatlantic slave trade during the 1700's?
    A lack of skilled labor in the American colonies
    Demand for slaves in the American colonies that produced cash crops
    A lack of protective tariffs in the American colonies
    Demand for slaves in the industrialized American colonies
    8.12.B: Social Studies - Economics

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