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Exploration & Conquest

Quiz by J. Sell

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Why were explorers looking for a sea route to the Orient?
    Explorers wanted to save money.
    Explorers wanted a faster route.
    The king demanded one.
    Spain would not allow explorers to pass through their country.
  • Q2
    Why did the Spanish turn from exploring to conquesting?
    They heard stories of cities filled with gold.
    They wanted more slaves.
    They were looking for fish.
    They were tired of exploring.
  • Q3
    Why did the Aztecs revolt against Cortes?
    Cortes soldiers attacked the Aztecs when they were unarmed.
    Cortes wanted to marry the princess.
    Cortes called them names.
    Cortes offered them lots of money.
  • Q4
    What happened that caused the Spanish to attack the Incas?
    The Incas would not let them enter their village.
    When Atahualpa refused to believe in their Christian God.
    The Incas threw rocks at the Spanish.
    The Incas offered them a lot of gold.
  • Q5
    Why did the Portugese build a settlement in Nova Scotia?
    There were a lot of fish there.
    There was a lot of deer there.
    There were lots of lakes and rivers there.
    There were friendly Indians there.
  • Q6
    Why did the French give up on North America?
    The Indians were friendly.
    North America was to crowded.
    The climate was to cold.
    They could not find any gold or a passage.
  • Q7
    What is John Hawkins remembered for doing?
    He sailed around the world three times.
    He sailded with Christopher Columbus.
    He built his own ship.
    He smuggled goods into Spanish ports and provided slaves.
  • Q8
    What did Francis Drake do that make the Spanish so mad?
    Drake took their gold.
    Drake raided Spanish ships and ports.
    Drake was very rich.
    Drake bought all their land.
  • Q9
    How did John Rolfe save the colony of Jamestown?
    He was a doctor and help colonist get well.
    He knew how to fish and hunt for food.
    He grew tobacco for a profit and married Pocohontas.
    He was a carpenter and built houses for the colony.
  • Q10
    What happened to Henry Hudson?
    He married an Indian and stayed in Canada instead of returning home.
    His crew nutinied and left him and his son behind.
    He became sick and died of chicken pox.
    He returned to England and became famous for his expoloring.

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