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Explorers Part II

Quiz by Shantal

Grade 5
Social Studies
New Jersey Student Learning Standards

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16 questions
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  • Q1

    Which explorer wanted to find a way to reach Asia by sailing West around the Americas?

    John Cabot

    Christopher Columbus

    Hernando De Soto

    Ferdinand Magellan

  • Q2

    What ocean did Ferdinand name?

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  • Q3

    How did some of Magellan's sailors die? *Choose all that apply





  • Q4

    How did Magellan restore his authority when some of his officers got resentful? *Choose all that apply

    He withheld food from them

    He marooned some on a deserted coast
    He killed some of the men

    He pushed them off the ship

  • Q5

    Magellan was on the ship that traveled around the world.

    True or False
  • Q6

    Why was Magellan's expedition important? *Choose all that apply

    It proved Asia was much farther away and smaller than Columbus thought
    It gave mapmakers a true indication of the size of the world
    It proved the world was round and that you could travel around it

    He found the Native Americans and brought back spices

    The expedition proved he was a great explorer

    He found the Mississippi River,  and claimed it for France

  • Q7

    Hernando De Soto wanted to find more riches and land in North America even though he found a lot of gold in Peru.

    True or False
  • Q8

    What were Hernando De Soto's accomplishments? *Choose all that apply

    He named the Pacific Ocean

    He found information about the land in North America

    He brought back spices for France

    He was the first to find South America

    He discovered the Mississippi River
    He claimed much of the land in Southeastern U.S.
  • Q9

    Why was Hernando De Soto's army in such poor conditions? *Choose all that apply

    They no longer wanted to fight the Native Americans

    They wanted to explore on their own

    Some men left because De Soto was too strict
    Men died of illnesses
  • Q10

    How did Henry De Soto die?

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  • Q11

    What did Henry De Soto's men do when he died?

    His men sank his body in the river so that the Indigenous people did not find out he was not a God

    They threw it over board into the ocean

    They dug up a hole 

    They buried his body

  • Q12

    Henry Hudson wanted to find New York City

    True or False
  • Q13

    What were Henry Hudson's accomplishments?

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  • Q14

    Robert LaSalle wanted to explore and establish fur-trade routes along the Mississippi River.

    True or False
  • Q15

    What were Robert LaSalle's accomplishments? *Choose all that apply

    He named a newfound land after himself.

    He started a settlement.
    He claimed the mouth of Mississippi and all the land which he named Louisiana

    He found a new route.


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