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Extensor Forearm and Dorsum of Hand

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  • Q1
    What muscle is pierced by the deep branch (posterior interosseus) of the radial nerve?
    Pronator teres
    Extensor digitorum
  • Q2
    What clinical feature is not symptomatic of a radial nerve injury?
    Paralysis of all extensors in upper arm
    All are symptoms of radial nerve injury
    Paralysis of all forearm extensors
    Wrist drop
  • Q3
    _________ is a bony prominence that serves as a pulley for extensor pollicis longus:
    Ulnar tuberosity
    Radial styloid process
    Dorsal tubercle/Lister’s tubercle
    Radial tuberosity
  • Q4
    The ______ muscle is supplied by the radial nerve and flexes the arm.
    Pronator teres
  • Q5
    Bryce has been experiencing pain on the extensor compartment of his forearm and along the dorsal side of his thumb. He has also noticed that his wrist appears swollen and this pain becomes severe when he ulnar deviates his wrist. These symptoms indicate Bryce is suffering from:
    Medial epicondylitis
    Digital tenovaginitis stenosans
    Quervain tendovaginitis stenosans
    Ischemia of the digits
  • Q6
    Which of the following is not a superficial forearm extensor?
    Extensor digitorum
    Extensor indicis
    Extensor digiti minimi
  • Q7
    The radial nerve splits into two branches. The superficial branch ______________ and the deep branch _____________.
    Pierces through the anconeus; passes over the extensor digitorum
    Passes over the extensor digitorum; pierces through anconeus
    Pierces through the brachialis; passes under the brachioradialis
    Passes under the brachioradialis; pierces through the supinator

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