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F Page Fun-ganza Part Deux

Quiz by Wendy Jacobsen

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  • Q1
    How many goal areas should Jack have in his IEP?
  • Q2
    How many SDI boxes should be in Jack's IEP?
  • Q3
    Would it be appropriate for Jack to have tests read to him?
    Yes - he reads/comprehends below grade level.
    No - he is a fluent reader.
    Yes - all kids should have this accommodation.
    No - this is never an appropriate accommodation.
  • Q4
    Jack receives SDI in the following classes: English, Social Studies, Math and Learning Support. How many SDI minutes does he have?
    250 minutes
  • Q5
    Which set of possible accommodations is most appropriate for Jack?
    Jack needs no accommodations.
    Jack will have materials read to him when needed. Written work may be dictated. Jack will have access to appropriate materials and manipulatives which will support his learning.
    Verbal and visual coaching from staff when anxious or frustrated, coping skills in place, standardized testing in a small classroom. Extended time limits for testing or task completion when she becomes overwhelmed or frustrated, including standardized tests.
    Material read aloud except when it is an assessment of reading ability, mark directly in a test booklet, clarifying directions to him on an individual basis, and extended time. He may also use a calculator on math test/assignments where computation is not measured.
  • Q6
    Which of the following would be the most appropriate SDI for Jack?
    Jack will receive 250 minutes of specially designed instruction in the area of reading, writing, math and behavior.
    Jack will receive 100 minutes of specially designed instruction in mathematics.
    Jack will receive 50 minutes of specially designed instruction in the area of mathematics. Skills focused on, but limited to are: working with fractions and decimals, rounding whole and decimal numbers, long division, and multiple digit multiplication.
  • Q7
    Which possible modifications are the most appropriate for Jack?
    In all classes - reduced or modified tests, modified assignments,
    In general education Science - reduced or modified tests, open note tests, modified assignments.
    Jack should receive an * grade in all general education classes.
    No, he doesn't show need for modifications.

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