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F4 Fr T1: Vocab check 1

Quiz by Samantha Allahar

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    You acccidentally bump into someone while walking on the pavement. What do you say to them?

    Pas de souci



  • Q2

    Your sister did not do as well in a class assignment as she though she would. What would be an appropriate comment to make to her?

    Pas de chance

    Je suis désolé


  • Q3

    You just received a very good grade on a French assignment. What comment has your teacher written on your paper?

    Pas mal

    Bonne chance


  • Q4

    Your aunt who has been visiting you from abroad is leaving. What is an appropriate comment to make to her?

    Rétablis-toi vite

    Bon voyage

    Tous mes vœux de bonheur

  • Q5

    It is the second Sunday in May. What does the card that you give to your mother say?

    Bonne fête des mères

    Joyeuses Pâques

    Bonne fêtes

  • Q6

    You are saying goodbye to your friend. What do you say?

    Je ne vais pas bien


    À bientôt

  • Q7

    You invited your cousin to hang out with you. She wants to know on what day. What does she ask?



    À quelle heure?

  • Q8

    You asked your grandpa to buy you some socks. He needs to know how many pairs you need. What does he ask?

    Depuis quand?


    Pour qui?

  • Q9

    Your uncle has taken a food tour of Trinidad and brought some yummy things for you to eat. One item in particular is very tasty. How do you ask your uncle about where he bought it?

    C'est où

    C'est d'où?

    C'est comment?

  • Q10

    It's your father's birthday. What does the card you give to him say?

    Joyeux anniversaire


    Bon courage


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