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F451 p 90-99

Quiz by Sadie Regnier

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    How does Faber plan to talk to Montag?
    Green Bullet
    Seashell Radio
    weekly visits
    On the porch every night
  • Q2
    Which one of Faber's actions doesn't make him a coward?
    Give Montag the listening device
    Go talk to his retired printing friend
    Stay quiet and wait for someone to talk to him
    Listen to what Beatty says
  • Q3
    Why does Montag hate Faber telling him what to do?
    Montag really doesn't want to switch sides
    He isn't thinking for himself
    Faber's plan is stupid
    He hates what Faber tells him to do
  • Q4
    What shocking thing does the Montag do to the women?
    He turns off the TV (parlor wall)
    He throws orange juice at them
    He locks them out of the house
    He throws a White Clown at the TV and smashes it
  • Q5
    What do they do with kids when they come home from school?
    Throw them in front of the TV
    Take them shopping
    Turn them in to the firemen
    Go out for ice cream
  • Q6
    How do they pick their presidential candidates?
    By how great they will make the county
    By their policies
    By twitter poll
    By their looks
  • Q7
    How is Montag a fool according to Faber?
    He shows that he has a book
    He doesn't understand books
    He invited the women over
    He doesn't like the White Clown

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