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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Which entities’ facility connection requirements address connection requirements for generation, transmission, and end-user facilities?
    Transmission Owner
    Reliability Coordinator
    Generation Owner
    End User
  • Q2
    2. Which of the following criteria fall under Transmission Vegetation Management programs concerning the transmission facilities?
    Each overhead transmission line operated below 200kV identified as an element of an IROL/ All overhead transmission lines operated at 200kV or higher
    Each overhead transmission line operated at 138kV or higher/ Each overhead transmission line located inside the fenced area of the switchyard, station or substation
  • Q3
    3. Transmission Operators are required to provide any System Operating Limits that they develop to which of the following entities that share its portion of the Reliability Coordinator Area?
    Transmission Service Providers/ Reliability Coordinator
    Generation Owner/ Balancing Authority
  • Q4
    4. Planning Coordinators shall issue their Transfer Capability methodology, and any revisions to their Transfer Capability methodology, to which of the following entities?
    Adjacent to or overlapping Planning Coordinators/ Transmission Planners within their areas
    Transmission Owners within their areas/ Generation Planners adjacent to their areas
  • Q5
    5. Vegetation inspections of its applicable transmission lines shall be performed by both Transmission and Generation Owners periodically, but at least once every:
    2 calendar years
    5 calendar years
    Calendar year
    7 calendar years
  • Q6
    6. The Interconnection’s frequency bias shall only be used by a deficient Balancing Authority as assistance during a generation loss for what timeframe?
    For the time needed to increase marginal generation and schedule replacement power
    For up to 60 minutes
    For up to 30 minutes
    For the time needed to implement corrective actions
  • Q7
    7. A NERC Energy Emergency Alert Level 3 is issued when:
    Firm load shed is imminent or in progress
    Utility load conservation measures are going to be implemented
    Load Management procedures are in effect
    All available resources are in use
  • Q8
    8. When an Energy Deficient Entity foresees or has implemented procedures up to, but excluding, interruption of firm load commitments, the entity is considered to be in which of the following NERC Energy Emergency Alert procedures?
    Level 2
    Level 1
    Level 0
    Level 3
  • Q9
    9. Which of the following entities, operating with insufficient generation or transmission capacity, must have the capability and authority to shed load rather than risk an uncontrolled failure of the Interconnection?
    Transmission Operator/ Balancing Authority
    Purchasing/Selling Entity
    Load Serving Entity/ Balancing Authority
    Load Serving Entity/Transmission Operator
  • Q10
    10. According to NERC Standard EOP-005-2, Blackstart testing requirements shall include a frequency of testing such that each Blackstart resource is tested at least once every:
    Two years
    Five years
    Three years

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