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Face of Freedom Review

Quiz by Michelle Andersen

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  • Q1

    What is this political cartoon's message about life for Black Americans after Radical Reconstruction?

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    Black Americans felt that their families were quite safe after the end of Radical Reconstruction.

    Many groups stepped up to protect Black Americans after Radical Reconstruction, including the KKK and the White League.

    Life for Black Americans after the end of Radical Reconstruction improved greatly.

    Life for Black Americans after the end of Radical Reconstruction was almost worse than before.

  • Q2

    Which of the following were effects of the end of Radical Reconstruction?


    Plessy v Ferguson

    Increase in Black political leaders in office

    Jim Crow Laws

  • Q3

    Which abolitionist led groups of freedpeople to Kansas?

    Sojourner Truth

    Ida B Wells

    Harriet Tubman

    Frederick Douglass

  • Q4

    Why did Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Douglas A. Blackmon, refer to sharecropping as "slavery by another name"?

    Sharecroppers became stuck in a cycle where all of the money they made went right back to the landowner.

    Sharecropping was forced upon freedmen.

    Sharecroppers worked so hard they couldn't find time to take a vacation.

    Sharecropping only happened in the South.

  • Q5

    Which journalist fought to uncover the truth about lynchings and was threatened with death?

    Harriet Tubman

    Ida B Wells

    Frederick Douglass

    Sojourner Truth

  • Q6

    Which organization was established by Congress to provide aid to 4,000,000 Black Americans during Reconstruction?

    Freedmen's Bureau

    Carpetbaggers Organization

    Red Cross

    League of Women Voters

  • Q7

    Which of the following were practices put in place to keep Black men from voting after the 15th Amendment?  

    Violence and Intimidation

    Literacy Test

    All of these

    Poll Tax

  • Q8

    What is the name given to the movement of six million Black Americans out of the rural, southern United States to the urban areas in the Northeast (New York), Midwest (Chicago and Kansas City), and West (Los Angeles and Seattle) between 1910 and 1970.

    Great Migration

    No More South

    Migration North

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