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Facebook ad test 3

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  • Q1
    What is the primary purpose of a Facebook page for a business?
    To compete with other social media platforms
    To communicate only with internal stakeholders
    To share stories, post content, and connect with people outside of their personal profile
    To replace the business website
  • Q2
    What is required before creating Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or WhatsApp ads?
    A personal Facebook profile
    A business email address
    An Instagram account
    A Facebook page
  • Q3
    How can a Facebook page help build a business's reputation?
    By reaching new customers and staying connected
    By automating all customer interactions
    By hiding negative reviews
    By only posting promotional content
  • Q4
    What should you do to start creating a Facebook page?
    Hire a social media manager
    Log in to your personal Facebook account and navigate to the create a Facebook page
    Use third-party software to create the page
    Contact Facebook support for a new page creation
  • Q5
    How can you switch to act as your Facebook page after creating it?
    Create a new login for your Facebook page
    Log out and log back in as your Facebook page
    Use a different browser for your Facebook page
    Click on your personal profile image, select "See all profiles," and choose your Facebook page
  • Q6
    Why is it important to fill out all relevant fields on your Facebook page?
    To attract random visitors
    To confuse competitors
    To make the page look busier
    To improve the page quality and organic rank
  • Q7
    What is the role of the Facebook page bio in search engine results?
    It only shows up in Facebook's internal search
    It is hidden from search engines
    It is used to display contact information
    It serves as the meta description in Google search
  • Q8
    How can you customize your Facebook page URL?
    By changing the page name frequently
    By using a third-party URL shortener
    By contacting Facebook support
    By editing the username in the settings page
  • Q9
    Why is continuity important when choosing usernames for social media accounts?
    It reduces the need for advertising
    It prevents others from using similar usernames
    It allows for flexibility in branding
    It makes it easier for people to find the brand across different platforms
  • Q10
    What is the purpose of linking a business Instagram account to a Facebook page?
    To keep content and messaging consistent across platforms
    To automatically translate posts into multiple languages
    To access additional Instagram features
    To double the reach of each post
  • Q11
    How can you set your brand apart using Facebook page images?
    By frequently changing the profile picture
    By using low-resolution images
    By creating high-quality images and using the correct image sizes
    By avoiding the use of cover photos
  • Q12
    How should you design your Facebook cover photo for maximum impact?
    Focus solely on visual aesthetics
    Use random images to attract attention
    Avoid including any text
    Present your value proposition and lead users to your call to action button
  • Q13
    What is a pinned post on a Facebook page?
    A post that is shared the most
    A post that stays at the top of your Facebook page feed
    A post that gets the most comments
    A post that is boosted with ad spend
  • Q14
    How can you share relevant content from other pages on your Facebook page?
    Screenshot the content and upload it
    Copy and paste the content to your page
    Click the share button below the post, select your page profile, and share
    Tag the original page in a comment on your page
  • Q15
    How can you discover the best performing content on your Facebook page?
    By reviewing insights in the Meta Business Suite
    By only posting during peak hours
    By hiring a social media analyst
    By asking followers to vote

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