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Facism/Italy and Militarism/ Japan

Quiz by Rebecca

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  • Q1
    What type of government becomes popular in Italy and Germany?
  • Q2
    Why were people upset after World War I and during the Great Depression?
    blamed foreign governments for problems, and willing to try rule under an imperial power.
    blamed democratic governments for problems, and willing to try radical, political, and social experiments for the governing of their country
    blamed Nazi governments for problems, and willing to try democratic, political, and three bodies of government
    blamed local town and city governments for problems, and willing to try a different type of government
  • Q3
    What did facism, as a political movement, emphasize?
    extreme form of Nazism and power to the people
    form of democracy dividing the government into three different bodies
    extreme form of militarism focused on building up the army.
    extreme form of nationalism and power to the state
  • Q4
    What is facism named after?
    Early French symbol of power
    Greek symbol of power
    Egyptian symbol of power
    Roman symbol of power
  • Q5
    What did facism do?
    Denied people their individual rights and led by authoritarian leaders
    Encouraged people's rights and led by three bodies of government
    Encouraged people's rights and encouraged citizens to enroll in the army
    Denied the rights of an authoritarian leaders and encouraged the rights of a nation to imperialize other nations.
  • Q6
    Add one method leaders used to create unity and spirit and consolidate their power:
    Instituting elite military groups that utilized absolute power and terror tactics
    Creating small government groups to educate people about different laws
    Growth of an army for the purpose of imperializing
    Creating citizens' groups to educate the people about their voting rights
  • Q7
    New Topic Question: Which nation switched sides during World War I, and was also dissatisfied with the outcome of World War I in the Treaty of Versailles?
    United States
    Great Britain
  • Q8
    Why wasn’t this nation happy with the Treaty of Versailles?
    The country was not allowed to have a vote in the League of Nations.
    The country was not given territory in Poland.
    The country was not rewarded a large amount of land
    The country was not allowed to have a large military.
  • Q9
    What were democratic governments blamed for?
    the inflation, unemployment, and economic problems that existed in the country after the war
    The overspending of sending military overseas during World War I, and to overseas' territories.
    There was a disproportionate amount of wealthy citizens compared to poor.
    the rise of radical parties
  • Q10
    Who becomes leader of Italy?
    Benito Mussolini
    Adolf Hitler
    Hideki Tojo
    Josef Stalin
  • Q11
    What best completes the sentence: Not only did this leader capitalize on the political and economic unrest in the country, but he gained power by ______________________________________________________.
    founding the Nazi Party
    founding the Facist Party
    founding a new industrial nation
    founding the communist Party
  • Q12
    12. What group of supporters was organized by Benito Mussolini based on the colors of their uniforms?
    Black Shirts
    Secret Police
    Nazi Party
  • Q13
    What did this group begin to attack?
    capitalists and industrialists
    democracy and capitalists
    communists and socialists
    facists and socialists
  • Q14
    How did this group and Mussolini promise to strengthen the economy?
    By decreasing overseas trade with the United States
    By granting all citizens the right to vote
    By ending a general strike that paralyzed the country
    By increasing overseas trade with the United States
  • Q15
    After Mussolini seized power in 1922, who appointed him to power?
    King William
    Prince Phillip
    Queen Elizabeth II
    King Emmanuel

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