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Fake News

Quiz by Nanna Schandorf Stork

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    What should NOT be considered when deciding if a website is credible?
    The websites text font
    Author and his or hers background
    The publish/update date
  • Q2
    News with a misrepresentive title that encourages reader to open a web page is know as…?
    Cover story
  • Q3
    Which of the following is a good way to AVOID reading fake news?
    Reading biased articles
    Read the first paragraph of the article
    Check bibliography for credible sources
    Click the most outrageously titled article that you see
  • Q4
    Media that contains inaccurate information with no facts to back it up.
    Fake News
    Packaged News
    Loaded Words
  • Q5
    Proving a source is reliable and using a series of processes that can be repeated by others.
    Loaded Words
    Packaged News
    Fack Checking

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