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Fall 2019 Midterm CE Xavier

Quiz by Debbie Gargano

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93 questions
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  • Q1
    Orientation when the page is taller than it is wide
    Portrait Orientation
  • Q2
    Orientation when the page is wider than it is tall
    Landscape Orientation
  • Q3
    Makes it easy to replicate formats from one text selection to another.
    Format Painter
  • Q4
    Software that includes tools for entering, editing, and formatting text and graphics.
    Word Processing Program
  • Q5
    Removes the character before the insertion point.
    Backspace button
  • Q6
    Removes the character after the insertion point.
    Delete button
  • Q7
    Save changes and overwrite the file stored on the disk; access from FILE tab
  • Q8
    Leave the original file intact and create a duplicate file with a different file name, file extension, or location,
    Save As
  • Q9
    Begins a new section and moves the text following the break to the top of the next page.
    Page break
  • Q10
    Go up and down; labeled with letters starting at A from the left
  • Q11
    Go sideways; labeled with numbers starting at 1 from the top
  • Q12
    Used to specify a range of cells
    Colon (:)
  • Q13
    Use when important to preserve relationship to the formula location; tells Excel to substitute new cell references within the copied formulas as necessary; default in Excel
    Relative Cell Reference
  • Q14
    Use to preserve the exact cell address in the formula; should not be modified when moved to a new location
    Absolute Cell Reference
  • Q15
    Used to create an absolute cell reference; keyboard shortcut F4
    Dollar sign ($)

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