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Fall Midterm Study Guide

Quiz by Mike Smith

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    Protestant reformers who believe in the equality of all people
    cash crop
    Pennsylvania Dutch
  • Q2
    Early European explorers searched North America's coast for
    silver and gold.
    opportunities to trade for fur.
    new species of plants and animals.
    a shorter route for ships to reach Asia.
  • Q3
    The Separatists established a colony because they wanted to
    support the king.
    live by themselves.
    worship freely.
    avoid religious wars.
  • Q4
    The Mayflower Compact showed that the Pilgrims were
    aware of the need to make their own government.
    aware of how different they were from other colonists.
    ready to begin a new way of life without strangers.
    willing to follow the same laws as Virginia.
  • Q5
    How did the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut influence the development of representative government in America?
    It set limits on the power of the governor.
    It expanded the right to vote to all men who owned property.
    It was the first document to set rules for representative government.
    It created America's first representative government.
  • Q6
    Which reason best explains why the British took control of New Amsterdam?
    They wanted the wealth that came from trade.
    They wanted Peter Stuyvesant to remain as governor.
    They wanted to expand their religious influence in America.
    They feared conflict with the Dutch over trade routes.
  • Q7
    The most likely reason that the Virginia Company settlers chose the location for Jamestown in 1607 was that
    there was fresh water readily available.
    the area was free from mosquitoes.
    the weather was better than farther south.
    its location was safe from Spanish ships.
  • Q8
    What was the main reason the colony of New Jersey was originally formed?
    to keep England's influence in New York
    to discourage loyalty to the British monarch
    to establish religious freedom in new colonies
    to govern more easily than one large New York colony
  • Q9
    Which of the following reasons for bringing women to Jamestown was likely the most important for the Virginia Company?
    They could do domestic work inside the homes.
    They could help heal the sick men.
    They could make clothing and medicine.
    They could marry the men and raise children.
  • Q10
    The colony Lord Baltimore established in Maryland encouraged
    land grants for every settler.
    a role for colonists in government.
    the settlement of wealthy people.
    religious freedom for Roman Catholics.
  • Q11
    The reason that James Oglethorpe and other trustees founded a colony in Georgia was to solve a
    social problem.
    religious problem.
    political problem.
    economic problem.
  • Q12
    How did William Penn attract so many people to his colony?
    He advertised the religious freedom offered in the colony.
    He encouraged foreign investment in the colony.
    He gave free land to new settlers.
    He prohibited slavery in the colony.
  • Q13
    The Great Awakening encouraged
    the development of education.
    loyalty to preachers.
    the development of self-rule.
    loyalty to the king of England.
  • Q14
    The original purpose of colleges in colonial America was to educate
  • Q15
    The English Bill of Rights increased protections for
    colonial legislatures.

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