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Fall of the Roman Empire

Quiz by Donna L. Shrum

World History and Geography to 1500 a.d. (c.e.)
History and Social Science
Virginia Standards of Learning

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Christianity spread because of all of the following, except
    early Apostles carried it through the Roman Empire
    the popularity of the message
    Jews in large numbers embraced that Jesus was the Messiah.
    early martyrs inspired others
  • Q2
    The devaluation of currency means to--
    pay workers less than they'd been paid before.
    add less expensive metal to silver or gold
    remove currency from circulation
    circulate more coins to offset inflation
  • Q3
    The Roman Empire finally fell when--
    the capital moved from Rome
    a barbarian removed the last emperor from ruling.
    families fell apart.
    the currency was devalued.
  • Q4
    The geographic size of the Roman Empire was a problem because--
    it was difficult to defend and administrate.
    travel times for communication were so long.
    barbarians were able to conquer it a little at a time.
    military families were separated from their relatives.
  • Q5
    Zoroastrianism and Christianity both--
    claim God has a son.
    are monotheistic
    worship fire
    were founded in Persia.
  • Q6
    Christians believe after death--
    they reach Nirvana.
    karma from their current life decides their reincarnation.
    the atman reunites with Brahman.
    there is life after death.
  • Q7
    As Christianity grew,--
    the family structures fell apart in Roman society.
    it strengthened the Roman Empire.
    many emperors became Christians.
    its doctrines were determined by councils.
  • Q8
    In the late Roman Empire,
    Christianity weakened the Empire and attracted barbarian invasions.
    loyalty to the Emperor became more important than loyalty to the Church.
    the barbarians who invaded Rome became Christians.
    loyalty to the Church became more important than loyalty to the Emperor.
  • Q9
    Christianity was legalized in 313 A. D. by--
    Julius Caesar

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