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False Prince ch. 28-30

Quiz by Patrick Brown

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Who snuck up behind Sage with a knife in the secret passages?
  • Q2
    Where was Sage when he told Tobias that Connor knew of the secret notes that Tobias made plotting to get rid of Connor?
    in the kitchen
    in the garden with Imogen
    in class with Mistress Havala
    In the secret passageway behind Conner's room
  • Q3
    The morning after Tobias attacked Sage in the secret passageway, what did Roden find under Tobias’ mattress?
    copies of his notes
    a picture of his family
    a knife
    gold and silver coins
  • Q4
    After Tobias stabbed Sage, what explanation did Sage give to Mott of his wound?
    he cut it in the kitchen
    he said Roden stabbed him
    he told the truth
    he cut it climbing out of his window
  • Q5
    What punishment did Mott give Sage after Sage told him he cut his back trying to climb out the window?
    missing a day's meals
    a night in the dungeon
    he told Conner
    a beating from Cregan
  • Q6
    What did Imogen tell Sage when he asked if she would bow to him if he became prince?
    yes, she would bow to him
    she wouldn't bow to a fraud
    she thought they should get married
  • Q7
    Who snuck food to Sage in his room on the day he was punished without being able to eat?
    Cregan and Mott
    Imogen and Jean
    Mott and Imogen
    Tobias, Errol and Roden

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