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Fame advantages and disadvantages

Quiz by Malek Bgh

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  • Q1
    Which of the following best defines the concept of fame?
    The condition of being well-known for one's social media presence.
    The state of being admired and lauded by others due to one's wealth.
    Recognition or widespread reputation attained by a person or group for their achievements or notoriety.
    The act of being famous for one's physical appearance.
  • Q2
    What is the main factor in determining someone's fame?
    Wealth and financial success.
    Public recognition and widespread attention.
    Physical appearance and attractiveness.
    Social media following and popularity.
  • Q3
    What is a disadvantage of being famous?
    Increased wealth
    Increased popularity
    Opportunities for success
    Lack of privacy
  • Q4
    What is an advantage of being famous?
    Lack of privacy
    Increased wealth
    Opportunities for success
    Decreased stress
  • Q5
    What is one of the disadvantages of public eye on famous people?
    Access to more opportunities
    Increased popularity
    Lack of privacy
    Enhanced social status
  • Q6
    Which of the following is a negative consequence of the public eye on famous people's mental well-being?
    Enhanced self-esteem
    Stronger emotional support
    Improved mental resilience
    Increased pressure and stress
  • Q7
    What is one of the challenges faced by famous people due to the public eye?
    Elevated social status
    Increased recognition
    Access to exclusive events
    Loss of anonymity

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