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Famous Teachers trivia

Quiz by Zeeann Poerio

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Who was the iconic teacher featured in the film 'Dead Poets Society'?
    John Keating
    Erin Gruwell
    Mark Thackeray
    Jaime Escalante
  • Q2
    Which famous teacher is known for developing the Montessori method of education?
    John Dewey
    Jean Piaget
    Loris Malaguzzi
    Maria Montessori
  • Q3
    Who was the influential teacher and mentor of Alexander the Great?
  • Q4
    Which famous teacher developed the theory of multiple intelligences?
    Jean Piaget
    Benjamin Bloom
    F. Skinner
    Howard Gardner
  • Q5
    In the movie 'Dead Poets Society', who played the role of the inspiring English teacher Mr. Keating?
    Brad Pitt
    Tom Hanks
    Robin Williams
    Johnny Depp
  • Q6
    Which actress played the role of Erin Gruwell, a dedicated teacher, in the movie 'Freedom Writers'?
    Emma Watson
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Natalie Portman
    Hilary Swank
  • Q7
    In the movie 'School of Rock', what actor played the role of Dewey Finn, a substitute teacher who forms a band with his students?
    Will Ferrell
    Adam Sandler
    Jim Carrey
    Jack Black
  • Q8
    In the movie 'Dangerous Minds', which actress played the role of LouAnne Johnson, a determined teacher who connects with her students through unconventional methods?
    Julia Roberts
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    Meryl Streep
    Angelina Jolie
  • Q9
    In the movie 'Matilda', which actor played the role of Miss Honey, a kind-hearted teacher who believes in Matilda's intelligence?
    Cate Blanchett
    Embeth Davidtz
    Julianne Moore
    Helena Bonham Carter
  • Q10
    In the movie 'Good Will Hunting', who played the role of the brilliant mathematics professor Dr. Sean Maguire?
    Robin Williams
    Matt Damon
    Robert De Niro
    Ben Affleck
  • Q11
    In the movie 'Freedom Writers', what subject does the teacher Erin Gruwell teach to her students?
  • Q12
    In the movie 'The Ron Clark Story', which actor portrayed the role of Ron Clark, an innovative and passionate teacher?
    Jesse Eisenberg
    Mark Ruffalo
    Matthew Perry
    Adam Levine
  • Q13
    In the movie 'Stand and Deliver', which actor played the role of Jaime Escalante, a dedicated math teacher who transforms the lives of his students?
    Edward James Olmos
    Antonio Banderas
    Edward Norton
    Andy Garcia

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