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Fastest Finger First (Round 1)

Quiz by sahil

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  • Q1

    What is the Lock-in period for datacard instrument and Mobile Handset for covenanted staff respectively?

    Question Image

    2 Years and 4 Years

    2 Years and 4 Years

    3 Years and 4 Years

    3 Years and 3 Years

  • Q2

    Under Domiciliary Medical policy out of mentioned options which can be claimed:

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    Massage treatment like Panchkarma, Relaxation therapy, Rejuvenation Therapy etc.

    Treatment for Acne, scar treatment etc.

    Cost of physiotherapy

    Protein supplements

  • Q3

    Who has joined as Head-Operations & Maintenance Business in AdVENT vertical recently?

    Question Image

    Mr. Kamal Kumar Shewaramani

    Mr. M Suresh

    Mr. G Sathayanarayanan

    Mr. Nagarajan Venkatraman

  • Q4

    As per Aamantran scheme, if the referred candidate is female employee, then how many times the incentive amount will be payable:

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  • Q5

    Neha joined LTHE on 18thDecember 2018 in M1-B grade. When her next RP cycle will start:

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    1st January 2020

    18th December 2019

    18th December 2022

    1st January 2023

  • Q6

    Communication Expenses are applicable to: 

    Question Image

    Tier 4 and above only

    S & E Employees

    Covenanted Employees

    All Employees


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