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17 questions
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  • Q1
    1. Which of the following are the benefits of the Game Launcher in Tab A 2017?
    a) Automatically groups all the downloaded games
    b) Saves battery by controlling Resolution and FPS
    d) All of these
    c) Turn off call/message alert.
  • Q2
    2. Which of the following are the benefits of Samsung J7 Pro vs Vivo V7?
    c) 64 GB Rom
    b) sAMOLED screen
    a) Samsung Pay
    d) All of these
  • Q3
    3) Which of the following best explains the design & display advantage of Tab A 7”?
    c) Big screen experience
    a) Rounded corners and non-slippery back for perfect grip
    d) All of these
    b) Compact size for every day easy use
  • Q4
    5) Using Kids mode’s ____, parents can check and limit child’s exposure to non-relevant (to kids) phone content.
    d) None of these
    c) Samsung control
    b) Parental control
    a) 3D Gaming
  • Q5
    5) Big _____ battery of Tab A 7” brings you non-stop video playback for up to 9 hours.
    d) 5000 mAh
    b) 4000 mAh
    c) 4200 mAh
    a) 3600 mAh
  • Q6
    6) While charging the Tab A 2017, keep it on the ____ Mode to view time, calendar and weather at a glance.
    b) Home
    c) Bixby Reminder
    d) Screensaver
    a) Always on Display
  • Q7
    7) Customers availing the PayTm offer will get the cash back & dealer will get the payment only when order processing is completed in Seller Panel & status of the order changes to
    a) “Handed over”
    c) “Delivered”
    b) “Sale completed”
    d) “Phone received”
  • Q8
    8) Which of the following is NOT a benefit of Samsung Pay Gift Card?
    d) Get offers/discounts on Gift card purchase
    c) Gift cards of major retailers are available for purchase
    b) Gift cards have Lifetime validity
    a) Buy gift cards of the desired value
  • Q9
    9) Using this J series camera feature you can edit to bring out your best looks for that perfect selfie.
    d) Beauty mode
    c) Live focus
    b) Selfie focus
    a) Social camera
  • Q10
    10) Which of the following features makes Gear Fit2 Pro a great fitness device for running?
    c) Pace Setter
    a) Built-in GPS
    d) All of these
    b) Workout Music
  • Q11
    11) Using Kids mode’s parental control, parents can –
    c) Monitor usage time and activities
    d) All of these
    b) Limit their access to apps required
    a) Set PIN to lock non-relevant content from kids
  • Q12
    13) What are the benefits of Samsung Mall?
    b) Easy product & pricing comparison across shopping apps
    a) Fastest purchase process
    d) All of these
    c) Consumer gets the best deals
  • Q13
    14) Which Online retail partners are currently integrated with Samsung Mall?
    a) Amazon; Jabong
    d) Both (a) and (c)
    c) Shopclues; Tata CLiQ
    b) Myntra; Flipkart
  • Q14
    15) For buying a Samsung smartphone from PayTm / PayTm Mall, the customer needs to scan QR code at the store > _______ > Make payment > ________. Identify the correct sequence of steps.
    c) Make a test transaction; Select product + promocode
    b) Select product + promocode; Share Order ID & Pickup code with the dealer
    a) Create Order Id; Collect cashback from the dealer
    d) Take phone delivery from the dealer; Complete purchase process in the app
  • Q15
    16) Select all the correct statements about Operator cash back
    Total cash back of Rs.1500
    Available on both new/old & prepaid/postpaid SIM of Airtel & Vodafone
    Min recharge of 199/M for 24months (Airtel) & 198/M for 24months (Vodafone)
    All of these

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