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Federalist Era Common Assessment

Quiz by Sara Leigh-Manuell

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    Which describes the views of a FEDERALIST?
    They wanted a LOOSE interpretation of the constitution.
    The king should have all the power.
    The common man should have all the power.
    They wanted a STRICT interpretation of the constitution.
  • Q2
    Which describes the views of an Anti-Federalist?
    Powers not given to the federal government should be given to the states! (States rights)
    Powers should ONLY be given to the federal government!
    They believed in a LOOSE interpretation of the constitution.
  • Q3
    What were two views that citizens had which helped form political parties?
    Strict vs. Loose Interpretation
    War with Mexico vs. War with England
    France vs. Spain
    National Bank vs. Foreign Banks
  • Q4
    Which of the following helped us create a strong central government?
    Ending slavery in all states, trading with the king, and storing money in jars
    Collecting tariffs, trading with Antarctica, and declaring war
    Being able to collect taxes, creating a National Bank, and stop rebellions
  • Q5
    What were two precedents established by George Washington?
    He used the term "Mr. Excellency" and served 8 terms
    He used the term "Mr. President" and set a two-term limit
    He created the first cabinet and created the legislative branch
    He helped us stay neutral and kept a four-term limit.
  • Q6
    How did Alexander Hamilton help the United States establish our credibility with foreign countries?
    He wanted us to pay back our nation's debt.
    He loved farming instead of industry.
    He only taxed people from Spain.
    He loved France and supported everything they did.
  • Q7
    Why did Hamilton want a National Bank?
    make loans to farmers
    help France collect debts
    help the common man lead the economy
    Strengthen our economy
  • Q8
    What were two FOREIGN conflicts that happened during Washington and/or Adam's presidency?
    the Whiskey Rebellion and Shays Rebellion
    crop shortage and expensive land in the US
    being dragged into the war between France and Britain and the XYZ affair
    Alliance with Russia and the FGH affair
  • Q9
    What was the purpose of the Jay Treaty?
    To keep the peace between the US and Russia
    To keep the peace between the US and Britain.
    To keep the peace between the US and Spain
    To keep the peace with a man named Jay. :)
  • Q10
    How would Hamilton's economic plan make our government stronger?
    He thought a National Bank would help us create a LOOSE interpretation of the constitution
    He thought a National Bank would help us create a STRICT interpretation of the constitution
    He thought state banks would be perfect for our country
    He thought farming would help the king make money
  • Q11
    How did Washington's response to the Whiskey Rebellion help our government get stronger?
    He calmly talked to the farmers and reached a peaceful agreement.
    He used federal troops to stop the rebellion which showed the strength of our government
    He signed a treaty with Australia to end the rebellion.
    He begged the Native Americans for forgiveness.
  • Q12
    How did Washington establish a PEACEFUL transition of power?
    He yelled and screamed when he wasn't reelected
    He was dragged out of office before his second term was up.
    He stepped down peacefully after serving two terms in office.
    He had Adams impeached
  • Q13
    The American Indians were easily defeated in what battle?
    The Battle of Tippecanoe
    The Battle of Fallen Timbers
    The Revolutionary War
    The Battle of Standing Trees
  • Q14
    What land did the US gain in the Treaty of Greenville?
    We gained the land in present-day Ohio.
    We gained the land in Michigan
    We gained the land south of Georgia.
    We gained NO land.
  • Q15
    What happened to the American Indians after the Battle of Fallen Timbers?
    They gained a lot of land in the south.
    They lost most of their land in Canada.
    They lost most of their land on the Atlantic.
    They lost most of their land in the Northwest Territory.

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