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FHS 2600 Formative Review

Quiz by Nicole Manwaring

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    The categories of childcare programs include all of the following except:
  • Q2
    A comprehensive child care program includes:
    possibly dental, medical, and social services
    Custodial care
    All of the above
    developmental care
  • Q3
    Laboratory schools include all of the following except:
    uses curriculum that is checked by a professional
    has low child to teacher ratio
    include use and observation of various animals
    provides high quality early childhood education
  • Q4
    Day care programs:
    have only one teacher
    are curriculum based
    are licensed and state regulated
    provide care for 12 or more children ages 4 weeks to 13 years
  • Q5
    On-site child care:
    is inexpensive for the company to set up and maintain
    flexibility is good because child can stay after regular hours
    increases tardiness and stress on caregivers
    is located in the place of the parents' employment
  • Q6
    Home care includes all of the following except:
    least expensive type of care
    homelike atmosphere for easy transitions
    may not be a structured environment
    many adults to watch the children
  • Q7
    Group activities with peer collaboration emphasized
    A private school where the focus is learning by doing
    Teachers need at least 4 years of training
    Lots of free time to just play
  • Q8
    Preschool is all of the following except:
    children grouped with other children their age
    cost can be expensive
    encourage kindergarten readiness, emotional, and social skills
    3-4 hours a day
  • Q9
    A childcare director must be at least 21 years old and have:
    current CCP or CDA certificate
    current national administrator credential
    all of the above
    at least an associate degree from an accredited college
  • Q10
    All of the following statements are true except:
    all caregivers shall be at least 18 years old
    all caregivers shall be female
    all assistant caregivers shall be at least 16 years of age and work under the immediate supervision of an 18 year old caregiver
    all caregivers shall complete a minimum of 20 hours training per year
  • Q11
    The correct supervision ratio of adults to children 4 years old is:
    1 per 13 kids
    1 per 14 kids
    1 per 15 kids
    1 per 16 kids
  • Q12
    The correct supervision ratio of adults to children 5 and up is:
    1 per 20 kids
    1 per 18 kids
    1 per 17 kids
    1 per 19 kids
  • Q13
    The director may not admit any infant, toddler, or preschooler to the center without proof of:
    birth certificate
    background check
  • Q14
    Information about a person in a child care center:
    is confidential and may not be shared
    may be shared with anyone
    may be shared only with friends
    may be shared only with family
  • Q15
    Your personal resume should include:
    all answers are correct
    your contact info
    your career goals and objectives
    your education and work experience

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