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Fibers and Forensics

Quiz by Cheryl McLaughlin

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Retrieval of fibers from victims should ideally be done
    within a couple of days
    fibers are still present weeks later
    as quickly as possible
  • Q2
    Primary transfer of fibers to a victim occur when
    when they come from a primary source like a sheep or cotton plant
    the suspect directly transfers the fibers to the victim
    when a suspect attempts to change the fibers to be less conspicious
    when the victim first buys a piece of clothing
  • Q3
    Which of these is not an example of a natural fiber?
  • Q4
    Which of these indicates why the shape of a fiber is important in a criminal investigation?
    All of the above
    Some shapes of fiber are only made a short time
    Color values may change depending on when the fiber was manufactured
    Some fibers are manufacturer specific
  • Q5
    The greater number of fibers found on a victim indicates
    The more likely some confrontation happened between the victim and the perpetrator
    the cheapness of the coloring of the fabric
    the shorter the fibers were on the perpetrator's clothes
    the breakage rate of the fibers
  • Q6
    White cotton and blue denim are often less important in a case because
    they are more common fabrics
    they are relatively inexpensive
    they are more rare fabrics
  • Q7
    Which of these would be most likely made of cotton
    spandex running shorts
    rain coats and slickers
    underwear and t-shirts
  • Q8
    Polyester, acetate, nylons, and acrylics are what type of fibers
  • Q9
    A case using fibers for evidence must present
    how easily this fiber takes the dye present on the clothing
    how rare the coincidence is that the fiber would be on the victim otherwise
    how frequently this fiber is made into clothing

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