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Fidget Spinners Quiz

Quiz by Susan Ratajski

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the central idea of this article?
    Fidget spinners help people concentrate.
    Many school have banned fidget spinners.
    Many stores sold out of fidget spinners.
    Fidget spinners are very popular toys.
  • Q2
    What showed that Catherine Hettinger did not invent the fidget spinner?
    Hettinger's invention does not look like the fidget spinner.
    She sued the company that sells fidget spinners.
    Hettinger stated that she did invent the fidget spinner.
    She did invent something called the "spinning toy."
  • Q3
    Why would makers of the fidget spinner claim that it could help with concentration?
    To help students that struggle in school.
    Studies showed that it does help with concentration.
    To reduce competition of fidget spinners.
    To help promote sales of fidget spinners.
  • Q4
    Why would the author incude the last paragraph?
    To further explain why some stores banned fidget spinners.
    To explain the benefits of fidget spinners.
    To explain that some students do not like fidget spinners.
    To further explain why some schools banned fidget spinners.
  • Q5
    How does the author feel about fidget spinners?
    The author likes them but does not understand them.
    The author thinks they are a wonderful invention.
    The author does not really care about them.
    The author does not really share their opinion about fidget spinners.

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