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File Server

Quiz by Mark Anthony Fernandez

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  • Q1
    What is a file server?
    A computer that centralizes data storage and provides access to files for multiple clients
    A computer that only allows access to files from a single client
    A device used for printing physical copies of files
    A device used for scanning physical documents into digital files
  • Q2
    What is the purpose of a file server?
    To host websites and web applications
    To centralize data storage and provide access to files for multiple users
    To create backups of computer files
    To store and organize physical documents
  • Q3
    What is a shared folder on a file server?
    A folder that is automatically generated by the file server
    A folder that can only be accessed by a single user at a time
    A folder that can only be accessed by the owner of the file server
    A directory or folder that is accessible and can be used by multiple users on a network
  • Q4
    What is a file permission?
    A type of file format used for storing data
    A unique identifier assigned to each file on a server
    A set of rules that determine the actions users can perform on a file or folder
    A software used to compress files and reduce their size
  • Q5
    What is a network-attached storage (NAS)?
    A dedicated device that provides file storage and sharing services to network devices
    A type of internet connection used for accessing files remotely
    A software application for organizing files on a personal computer
    A feature of cloud storage that allows collaboration on files
  • Q6
    What is the role of a file server in a network?
    To monitor network traffic and ensure data security
    To host websites and web applications
    To facilitate communication between different devices
    To store and manage files for multiple users and provide access to them
  • Q7
    What is the benefit of using a file server in a network?
    Enhanced computer security
    Faster internet speed
    Improved graphic design capabilities
    Centralized data storage and easier file management
  • Q8
    Which protocol is commonly used for file sharing on a file server?
    SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
    HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
    SMB (Server Message Block)
  • Q9
    What is the process of granting or denying access to files on a file server called?
  • Q10
    What is the main advantage of using a file server?
    Centralized file management and backup
    Improved software compatibility
    Faster internet connection
    Increased computer processing power

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