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Final Assessment - Tangerine

Quiz by Sara Zander

Grade 7
English Language Arts
Common Core

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Besides Dad's job, what was the main reason for moving to Florida?
    To allow Paul to play on a real soccer team
    To get scholarship offers for Erik's football career
    They lost their house in Houston
    To get mom on the homeowner's association
  • Q2
    What was the very first problem the Fisher's experienced in Lake Windsor Downs?
    the muck fires
    the lightning
    the sinkhole
    the mosquitos
  • Q3
    Who was President of Homeowner's Association?
    Mr. Donnelly
    Mr. Bridges
    Mrs. Fisher
    Mr. Costello
  • Q4
    Who handled Erik's "light work"?
    Brian Baylor
    Antoine Thomas
    Mike Costello
    Arthur Bauer
  • Q5
    Why were they not willing to change the football practice time?
    Because there was actually more rain in the morning
    Because the boys didn't want to wake up that early
    Because not all players, especially Antoine could make it
    Because the field is too muddy
  • Q6
    What was NOT an effect from the sinkhole?
    Mike Costello's death
    Paul going to Tangerine Middle
    Charley Burns' death
    Mr. Fisher's job promotion
  • Q7
    What was Joey referring to when he called it "low rent"?
    Lake Windsor Downs
    the carnival in Tangerine
    Tangerine Middle school
    Tomas Cruz groves
  • Q8
    Who did Paul meet first at Tangerine Middle?
    Henry D.
  • Q9
    Where did Shandra and Antoine Thomas live?
    Lake Windsor
    St. Augustine
  • Q10
    What was the Tangerine War Eagles final record?
  • Q11
    Why did Luis decide to approach Erik and Arthur at football practice?
    Because Paul told Luis about Erik being dangerous
    Because Arthur was making fun of Theresa
    Because Luis wanted to defend Paul
    Because Erik hit Tino
  • Q12
    Why was Paul not allowed at Luis' funeral?
    Because Mom and Dad wouldn't let him go
    Because he remained friends with Joey
    Because he was related to Erik
    Because he wasn't friends with them anymore
  • Q13
    Who arrived at Senior night/Mike's memorial?
    Henry and Tino
    Tomas and Victor
    Tino and Theresa
    Victor and Tino
  • Q14
    How did Paul's eyes get ruined?
    Erik sprayed paint in them
    He was born partially blind
    Erik made him stare at an eclipse
    He stared at an eclipse
  • Q15
    Where were Erik and Arthur hiding the stolen goods?
    In the sinkhole
    Mom's storage unit
    In the gym locker room
    Arthur's house

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