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FINAL EXAM - Oral/written comprehension - LEVEL II (A)

Quiz by Nelcy Carreño

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    Where is Hannah Reyes from?
    Question Image
    She's from Thailand.
    She's from Denmark.
    She's from The Philippines.
    She's from Finland.
  • Q2
    Why does Hannah say that she feels lucky in her job as a photographer?
    Question Image
    Because the Philippines is very beautiful.
    Because she gets to travel.
    Because it is something that she loves.
  • Q3
    According to Hannah, what two things are important when taking a photo?
    Question Image
    Using the right equipment and being in the right place
    Understanding light and using the right equipment
    Being in the right place and understanding light
  • Q4
    Hannah says that to take a good picture you have to be in a far away landscape.
    Question Image
  • Q5
    What is her favorite time of the day to take pictures?
    Question Image
    Before the sun rises.
    Between dawn and morning time.
    Before the sun sets.
  • Q6
    According to the description in the text, what is her favorite picture?
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q7
    The food in food photographs ___ delicious.
    Question Image
  • Q8
    They use ___ in photos of pancakes.
    Question Image
  • Q9
    They use ___ on the outside of birds.
    Question Image
    food coloring
    paper towels
  • Q10
    The butter on top of photographed food looks melted because___.
    Question Image
    It is heated with a brush
    the food is hot
    it is not real butter, but paint
  • Q11
    ___ is used to make berries look redder.
    Question Image
    Cold water
    Lemon juice
  • Q12
    Why are white plates used on photographed foods?
    Question Image
    Because white makes food taste better.
    Because they usually look cleaner.
    Because it offers less distraction for the viewers.
  • Q13
    The best advice for speaker one is:
    You should move to an area with better transportation.
    You should ask a friend to take you into work so you do not commute by yourself.
    You should move closer from work since it is the place where you have to commute every day.
  • Q14
    What is the best advice for speaker two?
    You should move to an area closer to a park.
    You should move closer from family and friends so they can keep you in a better mood every day.
    You should look for a home in the countryside where the quality of air is much better.
  • Q15
    What is the best advice for speaker three?
    You should change your job again so you can have a better salary.
    It would be better for you to live in a smaller apartment that you can afford.
    In order to spend less money, you should stop going out every night.

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