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Final Exam Review (F21)

Quiz by Lauren Babin

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24 questions
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  • Q1

    How do totalitarian leaders provide a sense of security? 

    Forcibly control all aspects of life

    Listen to their people 

    Strive for racial superiority

    Offer stability

  • Q2

    How would nationalism lead to successful totalitarian leaders?

    Provided jobs and fair living conditions

    Put their people's needs above all else

    Paved the way for strong leadership and change

    Promoted unity and diversity

  • Q3

    Civilians supported their totalitarian leader and would voice their opinions.

    True or False
  • Q4

    What are the goals of a totalitarian leader?

    Created a stronger army to expand their empire

    Aimed to eliminate opposition and wanted to expand their empire

    Wanted to create peace in Europe

    Used secret police to arrest and kill the opposition

  • Q5

    What actions were taken to achieve the totalitarian goals?

    Used secret police and strengthened the military to expand borders

    Created laws to protect the citizens

    Practiced peace within Europe 

    Aimed to conquer neighboring countries to gain control

  • Q6

    What ways did Hitler go against the peace treaty?

    All of the above

    Annexing Austria


    Occupying the Sudetenland 

  • Q7

    What led to Hitler's success in the expansion of Germany?

    Germans used a strategy of Blitzkrieg while the League of Nations did nothing to stop it.

    Everyone loved Hitler and allowed him to take over with no hesitation

    Germans used the strategy of Island Hopping to gain land and expand borders

    League of Nations tried everything to stop his expansion but they were outmatched.

  • Q8

    How did the League of Nations try to maintain peace?

    They created laws that Hitler had to abide by in order to stay in power

    They appeased Hitler instead of stopping him.

    They sided with Hitler in order to stop the Soviet Union expansion

    They did nothing because Europe was at peace.

  • Q9

    Which country did NOT cause tension by acts of aggression between other Imperial Powers around the World?



    Great Britain


  • Q10

    What is the biggest difference between the United States citizens and the Soviet Union citizens?

    The US citizens had freedom while the SU citizens had a lack of rights.

    The US citizens had a lack of rights while the SU citizens had freedom.

    The US citizens had horrible living conditions while the SU citizens had all the necessities.

    Both the US citizens and  SU citizens had a lack of rights.

  • Q11

    What are the goals of the Super Powers during the Cold War?

    Protect their ideological beliefs and prohibit the spread of political preferences

    Establish a military presence to protect their imperial territories

    Initiate war in order to stop the spread of communism

    Maintain peace and not worry about each other

  • Q12

    During the Vietnam War, The US troops were unsuccessful in containing the spread of communism so their involvement was unnecessary.

    True or False
  • Q13

    What is the significance of the United States involvement in Afghanistan?

    The US supplied the Afghan rebels but they still were defeated by the Soviet Union

    The US offered support to the Soviet Union to defeat the Afghan rebels

    The US did not have any involvement in Afghanistan

    The US supplied the Afghan rebels which allowed them to defeat the Soviet Union 

  • Q14

    What does West Berlin symbolize to surrounding areas?

    Great meeting spot

    A place of freedom

    US military outpost

    Communist territory

  • Q15

    What is the purpose of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?

    Defensive military alliance to stop the spread of communism

    Secret police who monitor the Atlantic for invaders

    Defensive military alliance to spread and protect communism

    Alliance between the Axis Powers to stop the spread of communism 


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