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Final Examination

Quiz by Janine

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40 questions
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  • Q1

    The following questions are from The Small Key.


    Got it!



  • Q2

    Who are the main characters in the short story?

    Choleng and Indo

    Santos and Soledad

    Maria and Santos

    Pedro and Maria

  • Q3

    What is inside the chest which the second wife Soledad opened with the small key?

    land titles and other documents

    weapons used by Pedro during the Second World War


    old clothes and other things owned by the first wife

  • Q4

    Who is the author of the narrative?

    Paz Latorena

    Edith Tiempo 

    Carlos Bulosan

    Ricaredo Demetillo

  • Q5

    What is the nature of the conflict in the story?

    man vs. man  

    man vs. society

    man vs. himself

    man vs. fate   

  • Q6

    The following questions are from Dead Stars.



    Got it!


  • Q7

    Where did Alfredo and Julia first meet?

    the house of Brigida Samuy

    the Salazar’s coconut plantation

    the local church

    the Del Valle’s rented house

  • Q8

    What quality of a man is implied by Esperanza when she said, “If a man were married, why, of course he loved his wife; if he were engaged, he could not possibly love another woman”?





  • Q9

    What is the central theme of the short story?





  • Q10

    What do “dead stars” symbolize in the story?

    the love of Alfredo for Esperanza

    the love of Esperanza for Alfredo

    the love of Alfredo for Julia

    the love of Julia for Alfredo

  • Q11

    What two opposite concepts are explored by the short story?

    faithfulness vs. disloyalty

    love vs. hatred

    duty vs. desire

    action vs. words         

  • Q12

    The following questions are from What is an Educated Filipino.




    Got it!

  • Q13

    According to Francisco Benitez, which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an “educated Filipino”?

    He has the power to do.

    He is not ignorant of his race, his people, and his country.

    He has refined speech and conduct.

    He has the grace of culture.

  • Q14

    What quality emphasizes the urge to support himself and contribute to the wealth of our people?

    the power to do

    moral conduct

    acquaintance with the world’s progress

    refined manners

  • Q15

    Benitez posited that the Filipino of today needs more of his power to translate reflection into action. What does he mean by this?

    A Filipino should be aware of their race, people, and community.

    A Filipino should love our best ideals and traditions.

    A Filipino should possess the capacity for self-entertainment and study.

    A Filipino should be an active and useful part of the work, life and country’s progress.


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