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Final Examination in Assessment of Students Learning

Quiz by Rolando Magat Jr.

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60 questions
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  • Q1
    Teacher Ranzel discovered that her students are weak in sentence construction. Which test should Teacher Ranzel administer to determine what other skill(s) her students are weak?
    Diagnostic Test
    Placement Test
    Formative Test
    Summative Test
  • Q2
    Teacher Patrick will construct a periodical test for his Grade 7 mathematics class. Which of the following should he consider first?
    Identify the format of the test item.
    Prepare a table of specification.
    Study the content of his discussed lessons.
    Go back to his instructional objectives.
  • Q3
    Which of the following test items is the most appropriate to attain Teacher Pamela’s lesson objective “multiply fractions and reduce the product to lowest term”?
    The product of 3/5 and 15/18 is ____.
    Reduce 8/12 , 6/8 , 6/18, and 8/18 to their lowest terms.
    The sum of 3/5 and 2/3 is ____.
    What are the rules in multiplication of fraction?
  • Q4
    “Group the following items according to order” can be classified as what type of question?
  • Q5
    Which of the following test format does not belong to the group?
    True or False
    Matching Type
    Short Answer
  • Q6
    The result of the National Achievement Test is interpreted against a set of mastery level. This means that the National Achievement Test is categorized as __________. I. Criterion – Referenced II. Norm – Referenced
    Either I or II
    I and II
    I only
    II only
  • Q7
    7. Using statements I to IV, which of the following is not true about matching type of test? I. The descriptions and options not necessarily homogeneous. II. The options at the first column and the descriptions at the second column. III. The number of options must be greater than the number of descriptions. IV. There must be at least three items.
    I and II
    II, III, and IV
    I only
    II and III
  • Q8
    __________ is an example of vegetable. The question above is an example of a poorly constructed test item. What makes the test item poor?
    It is a short question.
    It is very easy test item.
    The blank at the beginning of the sentence.
    It is not a significant test item.
  • Q9
    Teacher Mikka constructed a matching type test. In her column of descriptions are combinations of presidents, senators, cabinet members, current issues, and sports. Which rule of constructing a matching type of test was not followed?
    The descriptions must be homogeneous.
    The options must be greater than the descriptions.
    The descriptions must be heterogeneous.
    The descriptions must be homogeneous.
  • Q10
    Which of the following statements is true when the value of the standard deviation is large?
    The scores are normally distributed.
    Scores are concentrated around the mean.
    The scores are widely spread around the mean.
    The mean and median are equal.
  • Q11
    When Teacher Mevel used the table of specification in constructing his periodical test. Which of the following characteristics of a good test will be assured to his students?
    Content Validity
    Construct Validity
  • Q12
    Teacher Melanie wants to test her students’ ability to speak extemporaneously, which of the following is the most valid assessment tool?
    Performance test in extemporaneous speaking.
    Let her students construct a speech.
    Let them make their portfolio on speeches delivered.
    Written test on the guidelines in delivering extemporaneous speech.
  • Q13
    In the parlance of test development, what does TOS stand for?
    Table of Skewness
    Table of Specifies
    Table of Specifics
    Table of Specification
  • Q14
    Which of the following is the highest level the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy?
    Identify the kinds of measures of dispersion.
    Explain the concept of variability.
    Compare and contrast standard deviation and coefficient of variation.
    Compute the mean value of 86, 91, 75, 96, and 88.
  • Q15
    Given the scores 94, 83, 83, 91, 94, 86, 80, 82, 81, 83, 85. What does the score 83 in the distribution mean(s)?
    Mode only
    Mean and Mode
    Median and Mode

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